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As a young boy, I loved computers and technology and I got more motivated by seeing my brother as a programmer and building app and websites. With excellence motivations, I decided to apply to India’s premier institution - the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and began putting in extra hours in preparation from as early as Grade IX. After tenth grade, I took admission in the non-medical stream and enrolled in tutorials to prepare for the IITs. I was confident about my choice and knew that it was the best way forward…till destiny took me to the USA.

The fact that India, though growing technically in leaps and bounds, is still far behind the west, when it comes to the Software engineering sector, made me rethink my decision to apply to the IITs. I realised that to work as a Software Engineer at a leading Software Companies, I must not only have only well developed Programming skills but also the right network, and the necessary global exposure. This convinced me that I should pursue my Bachelor’s from an international institution. It was the time of Lockdown when everything was shutdown; I was used to take my lectures in online mode on my laptop by which I got to know so many of thing I got to know about programming languages by which we can make application and websites and this attracted it me towards it and when I dived into programming it was a new era of computers basically it was the backbone of computers and it made me more curious that how does this work, how do we create this and all this? People were saying that they are bored during lockdown but I am not one of them because I was learning new things.

By the Help of internet and appropriate guidance from my school and my brother, I was doing well in programming and while this period coincidentally my school had started "Coding Classes" every Saturday and Sunday. In which we used to learn programming language like Python, Java and thanks to these classes now I am able to make games like Ludo, Tic Tac Toe, etc. Time passes and I was leaning new things day by day then on a beautiful evening I was doing some stuff and my google assistant suddenly turns on which made me to think how does this works and can I create my own Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri and then i started searching on google how to make my own virtual assistant.

I didn't understood much on google so I went to my brother and who guided me and when I asked him how is this alexa , google assistant and siri are made and can I create my own virtual assistant he told me about machine learning and artificial intellingence and the whole night I was understanding how does this work and as I was a bit familiar with programming I started to integrate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence together into my codes after many fails my code started running and I had created my own virtual assistant within 2 weeks and during these two weeks I have learned the most about artificial intelligence and machine learning and after completing my virtual assistant and game making projects I was so much pumped up and google became my best friend and last year I had given an international olympiad exam known as "IOI (International Olympiad of Informatics )"

The IOI competition comprises several tasks (problems). All the problems in the contest are algorithmic in nature. However, the students also need to have other skills like problem analysis, data structures, design of algorithms, programming, and testing to solve those problems.

There will be two competition days. On each day, contestants will be given three tasks to complete in five hours. Students have to write the solutions to the problems in C++ and submit it within the 5-hour duration of the contest. In this olympiad I was just 5 marks away to the national selection which made me a bit sad but I have learned a lesson from it that its still a long way to go. I again engaged myself in algorithm and improving my programming skills. Over time, I also realised that academic excellence alone was not enough. So, I began pursuing sports and games with renewed vigour. Being a skilled basketball player, I had captained my house team in my school. Now, I returned to the field, with a vengeance. I have also been a vice head boy and head boy for my school for two years and I was a vice captian of my house. I believe I have done my groundwork, and Bachelor's in Computer Science at your university would provide me with the in-depth skills I require to pursue my career ambitions.

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