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Most people browse their PC and see nothing more than the GUI presented to them. I view the coding, networking, algorithms and component microengineering that enable the interconnected world today as a miracle.

Few are interested in how the software and hardware that our society is so reliant on actually functions. I have been interested for as long as I have used computers.

Since starting Visual Basic programming at 12 I have seen Computing Science as an incredible field of academia. Over the last 5 years I have explored the science in more and more depth. I spent my weekends on Codecadamy learning HTML and Python.

I became frustrated at my high school class for spending 2 years on Scratch learning the same concepts as our progress slowed to a crawl. I found Visual Basic at school enjoyable yet we only scratched the surface, which left me playing around with it at home.

I remember the week I tried to code a scientific calculator to rival the Windows 7 built in calculator. My program came complete with pi, exponential and log functions and a fraction to decimal button which the Windows scientific calculator seemed to lack. My pride in it was perhaps not warranted by the simplicity of the program, but I remember my sadness when I accidentally deleted the exe file.

More recently my time has been invested in Java which has been my favourite language so far due to the sheer number of options it provides.

Alongside my study of languages, I am currently enrolled in courses online including ‘Introduction to Cyber Security’ with the Open University and ‘Build Your First Mobile Game’ with the University of Reading.

Learning the intricacies of my Raspberry Pi was the highlight of my 2012 Christmas holiday and for my sixteenth birthday I built my own PC. I remember plugging the Nvidia GTX 770 and Intel Core i5-4670k into the motherboard with glee. I had limited skill in Maths in primary school but throughout high school it has evolved into one of my favourite subjects.

The A grade at Higher was satisfying as all the calculus I had practiced had paid off. I am currently enjoying Advanced Higher. I enjoy playing games on my PC, and have recently gained an interest in creating small games using the Source Engine SDK.

I am a member of the ‘reddit/r/code’ and ‘reddit/r/computing’ communities and constantly view Numberphile and Computerphile videos on youtube.

I enjoyed my work experience at Quorum Network Resources where I saw a wide range of computing science roles in the workplace.

I enjoy learning about all aspects of computing so my interest in the job market is broad. I have considered bioinformatics or advanced AI as possible fields of study but at the same time the creative outlet software development provides has always appealed to me.

Outside of computing I have many hobbies. I love exercise, with my membership of the local gym constantly capitalised on. I have enjoyed Taekwondo from the age of 9, earning a bronze medal in the British championships, and have been a keen member of the Haddington Muay Thai club since 2013.

I have worked in Poundstretchers since August 2015, been employed as a parking attendant in numerous events such as the 2015 East Fortune Airshow, taught a Taekwondo class to 11 to 15 year olds during 2014 and have experience in administrative jobs such as filing and data input.

In my free time I enjoy reading graphic novels and books, of which most of my collection is nonfiction such as ‘A Brief History of Time’ by Stephen Hawking however the works of Stephen King and George Orwell have also fuelled my years of teenage reading.

From university, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of computing science and am excited about being able to work day to day with others who share my interest in the field, and joining societies with others that share my love of the activities I enjoy.

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