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I have nurtured an eternal interest in computing, as well as that of both communications and media. The digital age we live in has the potential to revolutionise the was we work and communicate, and this has motivated me to become part of it, gaining a directly relevant Degree qualification as a first step

I am currently enjoying very successful A-Level courses in Mathematics, English, Art and General Studies, a wide-ranging course which I chose as I believe they represent the broad base of skills essential in the modern world.

I feel I am suited to a computing course as I am both experienced in all these skills as well as being able to apply them to my work in Information Technology. I am for instance aware of the balance required in creating a website between the artistic practice of creating a professional design and analysis of potential audience, having authored websites for nearly two years

Such issues became apparent when working on my school's presence on the Internet, one of my main projects and commitments for some time

The leading designer, I am currently responsible for almost all the graphics and layout of the website. As well as this, other clients include local band Drift plus commissions pending from other local organisations

As well as web design I develop standalone graphics and logos (again for groups such as Drift), just part of my graphics repertoire which also includes other forms of 2D and 3D imaging.

My work in this area has allowed me to become fluent in industry-standard software such as Photoshop and Quark Xpress as well as numerous other 2D and 3D graphics packages.

Having served on the ediorial committees of various small publications, from school newsletters and free newspapers, I have experience of DTP and the issues surrounding it and its software.

To enhance my knowledge of computing in the media industry, I completed a two-day placement at Point Creative Communications, a graphic dsign studio, where I shadowed one of the directors.

This gave me an opportunity to discuss with the employees the impact and usage of computing in the industry, as well as the relevant issues and logistics. As well as this, I was also able to experiment with cutting-edge software such as Flash to consoidate my previous knowledge.

A keen amateur programmer, I have progressed from various forms of BASIC to Object-Oriented languages. While most fluent in Object Pascal (Delphi), I have experience in C++, Java and Visual Basic.

I have written applications for purposes ranging from file compression to Registry modification, many of which I have released on the Internet as freeware. I also apply my detailed knowledge of JavaScript to my web authoring to create interactive web pages such as drag-an-drop jigsaws.

My social life is vivid and varied and, as a local DJ, I both play at and help organise dance music events, where I often play in front of 150+ people. I also read modern classic literature as well as taking a keen interest in current affairs, particularly the developments in the Information Technology world.

Ultimately I would like to pursue a career in some field of computing, but am unsure at the moment whether I will finally build on my experience in graphics and content production or move into development.

Hopefully, my chosen route would lead to either a specialist career in development or graphics, or perhaps a more general career in IT management.

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