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I first learned to code when I joined my primary school’s code club. Using Scratch and later Python, I learned to think pragmatically and come up with creative solutions when I encountered problems in my code. Coding engaged my curiosity and allowed me to challenge myself, continuously expanding my capabilities. I became absorbed in Scratch: its social platform meant I could receive feedback on my projects and constantly make improvements while taking inspiration from other users more experienced than myself. As I moved on to learning Python, I found joy in the process of constructing my program, locating and fixing errors until I’d perfected a program that runs smoothly.

As a naturally analytical person, I excel at breaking a problem down into parts and applying the problem-solving skills I’ve developed in other areas, such as mathematics. I developed my ability to think laterally in the [Maths] competition in S3, where I made it to the finals. I found the process of combining my mathematical knowledge with abstract thinking exhilarating: the more difficult the challenge, the more satisfying it was when I finally reached the result. I continue to thrive on facing new problems and being challenged.

As I learned more about programming in high school, I discovered that it gives me a new, exciting way of using the problem-solving skills I enjoy so much in mathematics. After learning about something interesting in maths - for example, Pascal’s triangle or the Fibonacci sequence - I would go home and create a program that would run these calculations for me. This deepened my knowledge of both the mathematical topic itself, and of programming, since I often had to use new functions and operators in order to get the desired result.

Alongside Advanced Higher Computing Science and Mathematics, this year I am studying Advanced Higher Spanish. Learning a language from scratch has inspired me to research the field of natural language processing. I downloaded Elizabeth, an adaptation of Joseph Weizenbaum’s ELIZA program, and experimented with taking apart the code and making my own ‘chatbot’ programs. This allowed me to get to grips with the basics of this vast field and showed me how complex the programs we use in our everyday lives are. This is just one fascinating area of computer science and AI that I look forward to learning about at university.

Outside of school, I completed the bronze and silver iDEA awards, which improved my computer skills and gave me a taste of many applications of computer science in the industry. I took part in the Sutton Trust’s virtual summer school with the University of [x], attending lectures in Computer Science and Maths. These lectures introduced me to topics I had not learned about before which further motivated me to pursue these subjects at a university level.

This year I have taken on the responsibility of being a prefect, which has allowed me to improve my teamwork and organisational skills. I thoroughly enjoy participating in the wider school community and I am also a member of my school’s [fundraising] group where we regularly organise events for charity. I am a diligent student and have seen this pay off: I won my school’s Dux award and was placed first in my year for Higher Computing Science, Physics, and Spanish. I also won the Creative Writing Award for English.

I have worked part-time as a waitress for the past year, which has improved my interpersonal skills and my ability to think on my feet. Outside of school, I am involved in several musical theatre groups, and this hobby has helped develop my confidence and demonstrates my responsibility. I am excited to continue taking part in theatre at university.

As a creative person who loves to tackle problems, I believe I will thrive in the rapidly developing field of computer science. I would love to further expand my capabilities in university and use my skills to create the technology of the future.

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Received offers from all universities I applied to, including Edinburgh, St Andrews & Glasgow.

I drew on a lot of non-coding things, like studying languages, fundraising, part-time work & theatre and I think this helped. My top choice uni wanted a maths background rather than a computing background, so I emphasised my interest in maths a lot. My advice to CS applicants is to demonstrate your soft skills and write about projects over books!


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