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Computer programming is what I consider my bread and butter hobby, and has been where I’ve put my creative energies into for the larger part of my life, be that in the form of studying mathematics, developing small video games using the Unity engine, or just playing around with maths puzzles using languages such as Python and C#.

I like using my head to solve difficult and interesting problems and build difficult and interesting things; making this a life-long career is my primary objective at my current college and at a future CS course in about a year’s time.

I’ve had a number of opportunities to explore the world of computer science during my time in education, the most notable of these probably being my work experience at Pakefield school as a junior IT support technician, where I helped with many menial tasks while being taught some tricks of the trade, and my maths studies in college, having taken part in activities such as the college’s own Maths day and sitting in the UKMT Maths Challenge 2015 exam.

My work experience was particularly informative about how the work environment operates and what to expect from a job in general. These activities have allowed me to practice my subject-specific and general skills in both real-world and exam settings, and have been enjoyable experiences to boot.

I also have experience in researching, having needed to use information devices and facilities such as the library, the internet, subject/trade magazines and other books for my current A-level/BTEC subjects.

As of writing, I’m also enrolled in an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), studying how neural networks can overcome common deficiencies in rule-based video game AI and allow for more versatile, fun, and “human” interaction with the player.

Being given the opportunity to research something in a quite hardcore depth is both be incredibly liberating and a little daunting at the same time, and pushing myself to my intellectual limits is something that has taught me a lot about work ethic and organization. I’m especially looking forward to having the final product in my hands to validate my efforts.

Outside of my academic/professional development, I often engage recreationally with computer; I usually have at least one book on the go about one of computing’s many facets, which have included the industry “bibles” Code Complete 2nd edition (which offers insights into the best practices for programming), The Art of Computer Programming (a very difficult monograph detailing the fundamentals of computing), and The Art of Game Design: a Book of Lenses (which explores and breaks down the player’s experience and how to employ different tools to evoke the player), as well as smaller books about more specific things such as Code (building a computer from the ground up).

These books have given me a decent (but not replaceable!) substitute for their authors’ many years of experience in their respective fields (I must admit that I am still in the process of reading the larger bibles).

To sum up why I think I’m a good fit for this course; I have a deep rooted interest in computer science and its sister disciplines, I bring creativity to my work and enjoy looking at challenging ideas which are pushing the envelope of their respective fields, I can organise myself and get through work at a decent pace, and I also have a capacity to go beyond the classroom and absorb a diverse array of ideas and experiences.

I’m looking forward to what university brings and hope to contribute much to the community as a whole.

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