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I have made my degree course choices based around my love of computers and all things computing. To help with my decision concerning degree course choices I read through many prospectuses and attended university open days, I sat in on some lectures that outlined the course content of each subject.

After visiting the universities and talking to current undergraduate students and lecturers I was thoroughly convinced that following my love of computing was the right way to go. I am amazed how quickly the advances in computers have taken place in such a relatively short period of time.

Computer systems and applications are developing and evolving constantly, but the down side to this is, the more businesses using computer systems has seen a massive increase in cyber terrorism and computer crime, hacking in particular. This is one area of computer based courses that I have a particular interest in, from the methods behind the crimes to the counter-measures put in place to stop them.

This is by no means the only aspect of the vast computer industry that I am interested in; I would like to develop my knowledge of programming, design and perhaps the gaming side of things as well.

It was not until the beginning of Sixth Year that I really sat down to decide what I would like to do career wise, what really interested me and what could I envisage seeing myself do for the foreseeable future. The only thing that kept recurring was computers and computing. It was then that I decided to take a crash Higher in Computing course to help me to reach this first goal towards my career choice.

It was a daunting prospect learning new skills such as programming language in a short space of time but with my previous experience of using computers from Intermediate 2 Administration and from using computers at home for many years I have found I picked up the other aspects of the course like programming really quickly, and as a physics and maths student, I really enjoy problem solving and have been able to transfer these skills to this relatively new subject without too much difficulty.

I am also sitting an online course in C programming which I believe will help me when studying more advanced computing at university.

My sixth year at school has helped me with my time management skills, as being a prefect involves organising many other events around the school such as charity fundraisers as well as staying focussed on my subjects and while this can be stressful at times it helps me to focus on deadlines and ensure that all my work is completed on time.

I am a keen and talented musician. I have been playing the bagpipes for five years and have been a member of my schools pipe band for three years. I am currently the pipe major of the pipe band which shows leadership skills whilst remaining as an integral member of the band at the same time.

I would really like to be able to continue as part of another band or traditional music group during my time at university as I feel it is important to continue to promote Scottish Musical Culture and my Highland Heritage but mainly because I enjoy it. I am also teaching myself how to play acoustic guitar and low whistle. I was presented with the Lochaber High School Musician of the Year award for 2012 by the Commando Veterans Association.

I like to grasp any opportunities that come my way to help prepare me for life after school. Recently my school organised a mock interview session with the Rotary Club of Lochaber and through applying, qualifying for and participating in that experience I feel that I have expanded on my interview skills and also my people skills as a whole. I feel that the mock interview has increased my self-confidence and my ability to deal with stressful situations like deadlines and timescales.

I can definitely see myself working in the computer industry as it is such an exciting, dynamic, diverse and ever evolving industry.

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This personal statement was written by Shearface for application in 2013.

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University of Abertay Dundee
University of Abertay Dundee
Napier University, Edinburgh
The University of Stirling
Heriot-watt University, Edinburgh

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