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I am interested in studying a course such as computer science because I find the subject area very exciting. When I was younger, I was absolutely fascinated by computers and games, and later I came to learn more about hardware and how computers work, this conformed my belief that this is the kind of course for me.

I enjoy studying psychology and how computers are used in psychometric testing and by the police, design technology because of use of computing in designing, and biology learning how things work together in harmony.

I hope to choose a career in computing and communication because of its opening, modernity and lots of challenges. I feel that the higher education I get the more it will enable me to approach to the most recent technologies and to practice myself in a competitive environment.

In design technology I make use of Pro-desktop Computer Aided Design (CAD) for designing my projects with precision, also most of my research is done using the internet so I have developed an efficient use of it

Out of school hours, in my spare time, I enjoy going out with my friends, walking around adventuring my city's limits and a wide range of activities.

I spend lots of time reading computer and scientific magazines. I am also efficient at surfing on the internet which greatly benefits my study. I sometimes like to spend my time alone reading online reviews or listening to music

I am ready to share my experience and learn from others. Now, not only have I got experience in using a computer, but I have learned a substantial amount of HTML through out of school web page designing.

I would like to do a course in this field so I can develop my talent to its limits. I also enjoy researching new developments in the IT and communication technology industry.

In the summer of 2003 I started working at Brook meadow Hotel which is a fairly small business. This has given me the experience in dealing with money, ensuring hygiene standards, and dealing with difficult customers. This also developed my communication skills, sense of responsibility, and my determination to carry on with higher education!

During my time at Brook Meadow hotel I often used the computer to create reservations and bookings.

My previous experiences have shown me that a computer science or communication study is the ideal course for me. I like to think of myself as hard working, responsible, ambitious, enthusiastic, but most of all friendly.

I hope to be a credit to the institution, if I am given the opportunity. I am ready to share my experience and learn from others.

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