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It has never occur to me that one of these days I would have to write a personal statement for a graduate program for Computer Science. When I was young, I have always picture myself as an auto mechanic guy or even worse, working at a fast food restaurant.

I picture myself as an auto mechanic not because I wanted to but the fact that my entire relatives do not think that I am capable of having a better career. In college, I started out as an Electrical Engineer major assuming that it would be an interesting field to get in to.

However, I was wrong because I rarely go to class and did not concentrate in all my engineering studies. Therefore, education did not matter to me as much until March of 2000 when I was accepted for an Intern position at Spawar.

While working at Spawar, I was asked by my supervisor many simple questions such as, "what is a capacitor formula?" That question was supposedly being an easy answer for all electrical engineer major but, I had no clue whatsoever on how to answer it.

Thus, I felt very incompetent to be in this field and decided to change my major to Computer Science (CS). After switching over to CS I am proudly to say that I am doing extremely well in all my classes with a passing grade of at least a "B" or better. Now that I found my true career, I have never thought of ever becoming a mechanic again because working with computer is much easier plus, I enjoy it.

In my three years of working experience related to my field of study, I have seen and coded many software programs for the real world application. During those times I was employed at three different companies. The first company I work for is Spawar.

While working for Spawar I had to write up program using C/C++ to control the solar motor, plus using MATLAB to analyse and visualise each of the simulation.

I work with a group of engineering to come up with a solution on how to embed my program into their hardware so that the solar achieve maximum functionality. Besides coding programs, I also design and soldier circuit board and then embedded my program into it

After working with Spawar for a year I landed myself a 2nd shift job with NMCI as a software tester writing scripts for legacy application so that it would communicate with newer application like windows 2000

Following that job, I worked as a consultant for Computer Vision and my duties was to manually install application for each of the workstation for NMCI users. This job was beneficial to me because it gave me a chance to improve my communication skills.

Throughout, my entire job experiences helped me to develop my inner awareness by the skills and experiences I learn and obtain through hands on training I receive from work

While taking cases at San Diego State University (SDSU), I enjoy assisting other students with their programming assignments. Helping others, in return also helps me by giving me a chance to learn more and understanding the importance of being a programmer.

When I help my other colleagues I just don't write up the codes but instead help them to understand why and how I came up with each line of code. Many of my colleagues appreciate having me as a friend because I am persistent in helping them out whenever possible. This goes to show that I am a valuable contribution to this university.

My favorite hobby is to built personal computers therefore, during my free time I enjoy going to the local computer store to see if they have any good deals on computer parts. I love to build personal computer for friends and family members for free of change because in return, I gain knowledge.

As a result of building so many computers that I would dare to say that I am capable of building a computer in less than an hour. Beside an interest in building computers, I also have an interest in playing tennis during the weekends. Back in high school a couple years ago I played varsity tennis for three years and two years at Mesa Community College

With my expertise in computers and people skills that I have acquire over the years, I believe that SDSU would benefit by having me as part of their graduate program.

In addition to my y extensive knowledge in computer and people skills this makes me a valuable candidate for this program. I enjoy helping people and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with other students and faculty members. With my acceptance to the graduate program here at SDSU there is only one outcome and that is a "win-win" situation for both party.

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a good starter for me

i think i can relate to this PS coz just like the contributor i was never a CS major from the start I always thought i would be an engineer.THanks

your spelling is appalling...

your spelling is appalling...

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