Computer Science Personal Statement

Since my first years of school, my life has gravitated around the questions starting with “Why” and “How”. In the 7th grade I was introduced to physics, which answered some of my questions but also generated more.

In the 9th grade, when I became a student at an intensive informatics profile in high-school, I discovered that beside physics I would like mathematics, informatics and almost everything that involved a logical and ordered thinking.

Once I discovered my passion for solving logical problems I participated in the local and county physics Olympiads where I have won the first and second position every year since 2008.

Consequently, I participated in the National Physics Olympiad four times. Regarding informatics, although I enjoy more the practical side of it, I took part in the county Olympiad where I got mentioned two times (2009 and 2010).

I followed both my passions but it was this summer when I discovered how harmonically physics and informatics could blend, when I participated in a physics summer school and attended a course in computational physics.

Besides, I may mention my constant interest in mathematics, which I learn as a necessary tool for developing more into physics and informatics. As a result, I managed to win a county math Olympiad and get to the national level in 2010.

I am convinced that participating in many national competitions showed me how to process a large amount of work under the pressure of a deadline and it has also improved my ability to learn from people I relate with. Going to different contests taught me how to handle success or failure.

Related to my academic performance, I may mention my school results during high-school years, as I have constantly come first position in my class, with an average mark over 9.80.

The range of extracurricular activities I have been part of and experienced is wide and varied. Dancing has been one of my hobbies for almost nine years and I see it as an important part of my personal development since it boosted my self-confidence and taught me how to control my feelings.

As a member of “DRAMA PLUS”, an European labelled, highly appreciated multilingual school theatre group, I had the opportunity of acting in English which helped me polish my English language skills, interact and communicate more with others, participate into international festivals an win prizes.

If I were to picture myself I would appear as a hard-worker who likes to get involved in projects that help personal development within groups and community. As a result, I have always found a challenge to protect the environment, an issue I achieved as a member of Greenpeace while participating into “Let’s do it, Romania!” campaign.

In this volunteering environment I learnt the importance of positive attitude when putting things in perspective. As to my skills regarding organising and monitoring special events, in the 5th Junior Balkan Olympiad in 2011 I was the main editor of the newsletter and magazine, translator of the problems and the coordinator of the guides.

I often think that my high-school steps have been guided by Edsger Dijkstra’s statement that computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes” as I have always tried to see the interdisciplinary application of the immense calculus power of computer. I feel confident that my skills and potential will meet your requirements.

Should I be accepted at your university I would try to do my best and represent my country as well as I can. I am sure that attending a course related to computer science will help me succeed in finding my place in the world of technology.

Year applied: 
Computer Science
Computing and IT

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