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"Never be afraid to ask why" has always been my philosophy. From as far back as I can remember I would be delighted when an electronic item around the house stopped functioning so I could dismantle it and try to understand how it worked. My first encounter with software engineering came when a friend pointed out a copy of Visual Studio 6 that was installed on the computers in our college library.

Alongside my interest in computer science, I have also earned certificates in administration, management, and accounting and ran an e-commerce enterprise that sold computer accessories from 2016-2017 and I am planning to start something similar soon as a second income stream. My work experience has taught me the value of customer-client interactions, business management and greatly improved my soft skills.

My life's vision is to move back to being a full-time entrepreneur and create a software company with the knowledge I earn from my degree, so I can leave a positive impact on society and create something amazing that the world needs and will remember.

Science and mathematics have always been my forte, as can be seen from my choice of A-Levels. I try to write my algorithms as though I'm meticulously solving a mathematics problem. Various aspects of the physics curriculum were also central to a better understanding of electronics, which is one of the keys to understanding computer science.

I've taught myself multiple programming languages, first among them being Java, and I have a good understanding of C++, and I can write C# code too. I have written large amounts of code, either as useful personal utilities or for the challenge the project posed.

I have started to relearn web programming recently, developing a personal project based around a series of web apps for players of board games and puzzles like sudoku ( in order to build my HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding skills. The site is a work in progress but I will update it with time.

My hobby is chess and I've wanted to write a chess engine for some time now. Machine learning and neural networks will likely define the coming years, and writing a high-quality chess engine is a personal challenge for the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my personal statement and I'm looking forward to entering university again as a mature student.

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My personal statement for reapplying as a mature student. I applied to Leeds, Nottingham, Loughborough, Durham and Surrey. I was accepted by the last two.


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