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The study of mathematical sciences has intrigued me for many years. The decision to study A levels in both maths and physics stemmed from a high interest level and strong aptitude in both subject areas.

This was reflected in the AS grades I received in June 2002; achieving an A grade in mathematics which has inspired me further in my pursuit of the subject.

My interest has spread to computers and trying to link the two together has played a big part of my life in the last few years. I have taught myself, using books and other available sources, how to program in HTML and this has made it possible for me to take an active role in web design.

My other academic interests include business studies, especially management and finance areas which link with sections of the maths course.

My choice to include a humanities subject at A level was partly encouraged by my need to analyse and evaluate situations, business studies gives me the chance to do this in great detail and I find it therapeutic to get involved in relevant case studies.

I am also taking an A level in General Studies which is increasing my knowledge of political and cultural issues. The subject also encourages group discussions concerning current affairs and provides me with the opportunity to input my opinions.

For the last few years I have been a member of a Duke of Edinburgh scheme running locally within the college. In June 2001 I completed the Bronze Award and am now working towards my Gold. This has given me a lot of experience in teamwork, problem solving and maintaining a high level of responsibility.

These qualities have been taken on into a successful work experience placement in year 10 and my part time job as a sales/management assistant at respectable retail outlet Marks and Spencer.

I have enjoyed my time in the sixth form and have taken pleasure from both the academic and extra-curricular activities. I feel that I possess the qualities required to continue maths on to a higher level and combine it with modules that both interest me now and in areas which I hope to build on whilst at university.

I am confident that this enthusiasm will combine with my strong determination and motivation, enabling me to succeed in the challenges that university presents.

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Brill statement!! Has reli helped!! cheers

lik it lot

ur statement gud i use it 4 my own. thnx u!

not bad at all. i thought the

not bad at all. i thought the first half sounded a little generic but it was still good. did you get in?

What was your SAT score?

What was your SAT score?

did you give SAT?

did you give SAT?

Who are you?

Are you Basheer?Mushakeem?


The text is promising, will place the site to my favorites..!!


Hooray! the one who wrote is a cool guy..!!


I likke haloreach its really good my name is mohammed baker and i got a highscore on tetris


I truly appreciate this blog post. Awesome.

Exelently Nerdy well done was

Exelently Nerdy well done was not interesting

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