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I am interested in studying Computer Science because I find it fascinating.

When I was a child, I was absolutely attracted by computer games and later it was programming. I also like studying maths and physics, but I chose computing as my career because of its opening, modernity and lots of challenges.

I feel the a higher education in UK would enable me to approach to the most recent technologies and to practise myself in a competitive environment

I finished High School (which is equivalent to A level course) in a special class for students who are interested in computer programming where I had chances for me to discover many interesting things in my favourite subject and interact with the best Computing professors in Vietnam.

This helped me archive some National (Vietnamese and USA) prizes in computing. Especially, in 1999 and 2000, I was chosen as one of the 4 students representing Vietnam to participate, together with other 70 countries, in the International Olympiads in Informatics held in Turkey and China.

In both competitions, I won 2 Gold Medals .I was then honoured by the Vietnamese President and Vietnamese Prime Minister and was also chosen as one of the top ten Vietnamese youths in 2000

Last year, I participated in FPT corporation technology centre for Young Talents (FYT). There, I was encouraged to approach to some fields, which support for my future success: leadership skill, communication skill and of course mainly in modern technology.

Before leaving the centre, I did a project as project manager. However, it is not a technological one, it is political: FYT Management System. It not only provided me knowledge of politics, society and management but also brought to me more experience in leading a project and working as a team the project was then used as a new method to run FYT

Out of school hours, I want to spend my time alone reading, listening to music or playing sport I like reading novels to broaden my general knowledge, the novel I like the most is "Wuthering heights" by Emily Bronte.

I listen to wide variety of music including rock, pop and traditional music. I play football, swimming and Chinese chess. I used to be the Chinese chess Champion in secondary school.

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u nob

excuse me but on my behalf i fink ya personal statment is attrocious nd gay, i think you should just redo it again and think twice before writing one again.

the spelling is quite bad I

the spelling is quite bad I have to say :/


Excellent personal statement, but it may seem that you're exaggerating (I don't lol, but you seem too good a candidate to be true =D)


This is hillarious. if your being serious with this wonderfu,l fantastic, and absolutely mind boggling statement i would stop being so damned big headed and wrote more about why you should have the course, rather than saying you were honoured for something by a president when that has nothing to do with computer science :D

VERY funny.

well done

A great helkp for my statemenyt


Holy shit are these some funny comments. No but seriously, very good statement. I wouldn't have thought to put what environments I've worked in, so thanks!

A cautionary tale and some good laughs

I just want to thank you for writing this laughable personal statement, it gave me a good idea of what not to make mine look like and it had me laughing for a good few minutes.

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