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Following the progression from my foundation year to Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the University of Manchester, I questioned myself as to what would be the next step after this. Do I enjoy what I am studying, and do I see myself continuing down this path post-University? What is my passion?

After participating in Spring Internships at three world leading financial service firms, I found myself developing an appreciation for financial markets. Following this, I became eager to learn more about the mathematics behind stock markets, in particular how algorithmic trading works in executing pre-programmed trading instructions. To do this, I am looking to pursue a combined honours degree in Computer Science and Mathematics to obtain the necessary skill set.

During my spring internship with Pimco and Schroders, I gained an insight into emerging technologies in data science, machine learning, and cloud enablement for multi-strategy trading platforms for ESG investing. It was fascinating to learn about the evolution of technology in finance and its vital role in improving applications that the firm uses every day to execute investment strategies, manage risk and support their clients.

At Jane Street Capital, I had an opportunity to network with some of the employees currently working at the firm. I was delighted to meet so many people who were seeking out different applications of mathematics in the real world. We discussed a range of topics including how the fractional Brownian motion model can be used to describe the behaviour of a stock market, which I found quite interesting as a former Engineering student.

We had an introduction to market-making and the firm’s philosophy which aims to provide liquidity to markets all over the world and how this is achieved through core mathematical topics such as stochastic calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations. We also talked to software engineers about Jane Street’s use of OCaml compared to more traditional programming languages like C++, C, and Python. After the internships, I took a deeper look into market-making and began reading papers on the same. I learned that the market maker can use probability theory to predict the state of the stock, and how the price of it affects the probability of traders accepting it.

At The University of Manchester, I built upon this interest by joining MUTIS (Manchester University Trading and Investment society). Over time I was promoted to two roles within the society. One as a Sponsorship Executive and the other as Head of Industrials for MUTIS Ethical Fund (MEIF) with a team of 3 analysts currently. For the start of the new academic year, we are aiming to secure new sponsorships in different finance areas after securing sponsorships with EY, NatWest, and BNP Paribas.

For MEIF, I am looking to secure capital within the university and external capital from external firms with an aim to outperform the MSCI World Mid cap Index over a 5-year rolling period, focusing on ESG management and fundamental financial analysis. We track firms and provide equity capital for small to mid-cap firms in the industrial sector with a £100,000 backing from the university.

During the pandemic I started my own portfolio of investments, carrying out key research into tech companies listed on the stock market. Analysing the company earnings reports, income statements, and forecasting the potential trajectory of the company in terms of revenue growth. Key financials such as EBITDA, the cashflow, and revenue gave me the necessary information to invest in equities.

In my spare time, I am an advanced chess player with a rating of 2000 blitz. I was also part of the university rowing team and co-founded the sketching society. I look forward to continuing my ambitions and hobbies at your university, as I look to learn about the ever-growing use of algorithms in markets.

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