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Computers and their immense diversity have interested me thoroughly. In particular: artificial intelligence, web languages and building computers. These have stretched my knowledge of computers and I always strive to expand my knowledge of these topics further.

This is why I would like to study computer science at university, as the mathematics behind the computing interests me and the code based projects will test my current knowledge of coding and I wish to improve dramatically and understand the skills behind it rather than using my current iteration approach.

I also follow news on Artificial Intelligence and research it in depth; learning about this in University would be spectacular.

The A-Levels I chose reflect what I would like to do as a career and my path into university. ICT has given me the understanding of using software packages to create projects for other people, especially my A2 coursework which I found challenging and motivating as it stretched my knowledge of databases and how they work; even taking me into the code route of Microsoft Access so I could create parts that were independently learnt and in more detail than the wizards and design views would allow.

I chose Physics because this subject has always given me much to think about; I really enjoyed the first piece of A2 coursework because it allowed me to delve into a topic of my choice and read up on the Doppler Effect, which fascinated me. Psychology has given me an understanding of the way people think, and how to be very open to all kinds of people.

Although I enjoy the subject very much, I found that the extra project I did between my AS and A2 level years, on artificial intelligence, made me realise how inter-related psychology and ICT in the real world are.

I have been very interested in Coding languages, but mostly PHP and other web languages. This interest sparked because of a text-based game using PHP, and I felt like I could be a part of this developer community. I have been coding for 3 years now and I have helped develop two Text-Based games and also one of my own which is yet to be released.

Along with turning my passion for coding into a real-life project I have also been aiding people in my local area with computer problems, this helps me to understand issues people have with their computer and it also helps develop my ability to talk to people of many ages.

Two of the main areas of my A-Levels I enjoy are coursework, and reading around the subject; sometimes I intertwine the two. When I was learning to code and later, to understand computer hardware and software, I read a lot of magazines and internet articles; some of which are: Custom PC, PC Magazine, Linus Tech Tips and Web & PHP Magazine.

I have also read a lot about artificial intelligence in terms of technology and psychology. These magazines and web articles I have read give me a large amount of insight into their respective topics and give me a chance to improve my skills learnt from them.

I went to an Insight to BT week from 8th-12th July and found it inspiring as to the world of work and what BT does as a company; it has given me a great deal of experience and knowledge into team-work exercises, personal work and timed deadlines, some very useful skills that I have been working on honing since then.

My main career aim is to work in the IT industry, possibly working on artificial intelligence. But I have had also had a passion to impart my knowledge onto others, to help me with this I have been aiding my two ICT teachers in their lessons with Year 7-9s; I have found the skills I have developed over the past two years an experience I will treasure for the rest of my life.

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