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In a world where demand for technology is increasing steadily every day, I aim to be part of its innovation and leave my symbol in this era.

Computer science is defined as the theory of computational systems. However, to me it is much broader than that; it is about using computational thinking to develop new, effective and efficient problem-solving methods.

Computing is an essential part of our lives as it is integrated in all industries. Therefore, I aspire to develop skills such as logical thinking to help me solve problems in various aspects of life.

As a team, we partook the ‘FIRST tournament’ where we made and coded a robot to complete an obstacle course. One issue we faced was that our robot turned too much when it pushed an object. To solve this, we decided to make a shorter arm. This lead to the force of the perpendicular distance from the axis of rotation to be decreased. Thus, reducing the force of rotation.

Our basis of team work was built upon effective communication.For instance, I made a group chat; keeping everyone informed about factors such as strategies and objectives. Combining that with the perseverance I built by constantly exploring new ideas and learning from previous mistakes allowed us to win the London regionals and take third place in the UK nationals.

The skills I acquired from this motivates me to partake team projects at university. Furthermore, i completed paid work experience at the EY. This helped me gain a CMI Level 2 award in Team Leading which further developed my leadership and communication skills. Working with their cybersecurity sector allowed me to take a broader perspective of computer science in the real world.

My greatest experience at EY included participating in the Dragon’s Den project where I created the smartphone that I believed would be in demand by 2040.

I won by creating a modular phone with upgradable parts for customers so that it would be cost effective for both the producer by keeping demand steadily growing and the consumer by making the products easily self-upgradeable and self-repairable on the hardware side which is not yet possible to this day.

This taught me to organise my activities and become more confident in my own abilities which is essential in independent learning at university.

I attended work experience at engineering firm Imtech as an engineering assistant. We completed engineering tick offs and were taken to the new construction site at Durham University St Mary to see the building foundation and the machinery being used to construct the structure. I was exposed to fascinating infrastructure, which motivated me to pursue a career in engineering and contribute to social welfare of the world.

I have further explored my interest in computer science by completing an EPQ based on the Internet of Things. I looked upon how secure smart living is when billions of devices are inter-connected through the internet and how we could possibly make it safer.

For this project, reading the book 'The Internet of Things: Connecting Objects by Hakima Chaouchi’ taught me real life practical examples about the uses of the Internet of Things by mentioning technologies such as RFID tags which Amazon has shown initiative by using in their self service stores in the US, and networking architectures used to create a more efficient IoT.

I believe that studying computer science will lead to limitless opportunities in the near future as the technology sector will keep growing as long as we keep innovating and creating shorter ways to solve problems to increase efficiency.

Furthermore, attending this course would habilitate me be able to make a positive difference to the world by being able to contribute to sciences for cures to diseases such as the research of HIV vaccines and the human genome project.

Also contribute to engineering projects by for example improving capital and machinery that is used to carry out these projects to increase their productive efficiency and their safety.

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In my personal statement, i tried to state the relevant experiences i had taken on board which would help me progress at university as a student with a passion for computer science. I wanted to display that i keep on board with technological developments in the world by stating the likes of internet of things which is a big topic of discussion in 2018-2019 due to the laws and legislations of data protection being modified.


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