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Spending a week shadowing professionals in the different sectors of the technology department of ANZ was what solidified my interest in Computer Science.

This experience allowed me to learn more about cyber security, software testing, and other such real-world applications of data analysis and computer systems. I found myself intrigued at the range of jobs available in the banking industry alone, all stemming from a degree in Computer Science.

To further my understanding of Artificial Intelligence, I opted to take a six-week online course titled “Elements of AI” created by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki, through which I learnt about things like machine learning, real-world applications of Artificial Intelligence, and game theory. I found this course fascinating, as I not only learnt about the impacts AI systems will have on my future, but also some of the mathematics behind AI algorithms.

This included discovering how to calculate prior and posterior odds using the Bayes rule, and how to analyse linear and logistic regression graphs. This was one of my favourite lessons in the course, as it provided me with real-world scenarios involving parts of the stats I had previously studied in my A-Level Maths syllabus.

This online course further established my interest in Artificial Intelligence, and led me to reading the academic report “The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention and Mitigation”. This report offered ideas about the dual use nature of AI systems; one of the concepts that slightly alarmed me was the fact that a system created with purely beneficial intentions could easily be used in ways with malicious purposes.

This prompted me to write my EPQ with the question “To what extent do the beneficial uses of Artificial Intelligence systems outweigh their malicious uses?”. Through this research project, I not only gained a deeper insight into Artificial Intelligence systems, but also developed invaluable research and planning skills, which I believe will be crucial for university.

One of my favourite things about Computer Science is coming up with different ways to program the same task. To increase my programming knowledge, I took a Codecademy course on Python. This exposure to a new programming language excited me, as I was able to apply my knowledge of algorithms learnt in my A-level Computer Science course. I managed this by finding similarities between Python and the pseudocode we had studied.

As I thoroughly enjoy problem solving, I took part in the UKMT maths challenge and the Fermat maths competition. After participating in the Fermat competition for the first time last year, I achieved the second highest score in my school. These contests required me to answer a series of mathematical problems under time pressure, and both of them have allowed me to hone my analytical skills over the past few years.

These skills are ones which I believe will be readily transferable to studying Computer Science, a subject which necessitates logical thinking and reasoning.

Being an avid sports player, I have represented my school in overseas competitions for swimming, volleyball and badminton. Being a part of these teams throughout my school life has allowed me to develop long-term dedication and effective time management.

To further develop my work ethic, I took a job at Bath and Body Works for a month over the summer. Starting off as a store assistant, I was quickly promoted to a cashier, after demonstrating my reliability and my willingness to interact with everyone.

I enjoy coming up with different ways to solve problems, and I am confident university will allow me to develop the skills required to succeed in this changing world.

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