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Now that I’m in my last year of high school, where i studied mathematics, physics, and engineering science, I’m convinced that computer science is my way.

Everything started at home, i was regularly asked to help my family with computers, i started to get really interested in computing and began to fiddle little electronic pieces to understand how it was made. More so I was surrounded by technologies because i lived at Silicon Valley and also because of my father working in video games.

I first learnt basics in language such as Python3 and HTML then from these basics i looked for a specific class at school, I founded the engineering science class where i had my first project to make, a weather station coded in Arduino’s language.

It was a great experience because I learnt how to use Arduino cards, to lead a group and how to take decision. I am able to learn by myself, that’s how i started computer science, i have experienced team work and individual work with both a project.

The individual project I made was to see what’s the car attitude, when people get inside of it, the length of the swing. This project is strictly individual and developed skills such as researching precise information, writing a report of my project, building a model of it but also using complex program such as MATLAB, Solidworks with Meca3D, and Multisim.

I also made a project in computer science where we had to make a video games, it was my favorite project and it brought me technical abilities like using a computer language, understanding binary, how computer actually works.

I have the developed, thorough personal experience the ability to adapt myself to every situation, every problem that stand in front of me. I am also able to understand really fast when it comes to computing, electronics and mechanics.

To develop these abilities I searched searched videos, documentaries(like , article that speak about technologies incoming or in development. I also assembled my own computer, it was really rewarding because i could understand how all the component were linked.

I also made an internship at Anuman Interactive where I learn how to make competitive research, a report on a video game after testing it. About my hobbies, I’m really sportive, i practice competitive sports like tennis and golf, both sports developed my individual skills and collective skills.

What I’m found in computer science is the fact that that you have unlimited possibilities and this encourage to make innovating program, algorithm. I think college is the best way to learn computer science because you have to work in team and individually and i‘ve both experienced during high school with the project.

I love practicing sport for the team spirit which is similar to team work we can find in project. After college I want to get into a artificial intelligence research center because it’s what actually interest me the most and what i think is my next goal. But i am also really interested in robotics so i would join an enterprise where robotics is developed.

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