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My interest in computers and technology started when I was given a computer as a present, at the age of ten. Since there was nobody to teach me how to use it, I had to teach myself, experimenting with different options.

The fact that I wanted to learn more about computers was strengthened when I started AS level computing. What I like about computing is that it covers a broad range of topics- from computer structure to The Data Protection Act. It covers the applications in society as well as core components that make up a typical computer. I particularly enjoyed learning about internal components such as the CPU, and different types of hardware.

Taking physics helped me to increase understanding of the electronic aspects of technology, and reinforced my knowledge of methods of communication, and the properties of different waves used.

I enjoyed learning about the fundamental aspects of how data is transmitted - within the computer itself, and over a wider area such as networks. Both physics and computing are my strongest subjects, and both involve using logic to solve problems, which I like doing.

At the end of year 12, I was required to undertake a task during 'enrichment week'. I chose to spend this week working at a computer business, ********. During this week, I had to assemble computers for a business client, so gained knowledge on different components. I also had to create and present a slideshow about Office 2007, to teach staff at a community centre.

For short periods I had to deal with customers, and perform common tasks, such as operating system upgrades. The owner of ******** was a computer science graduate, and this meant I could question him on course content which is shared with computing. The time I spent at ******** cemented my desire to study computing at a higher level.

In school, I have helped raise money for charity by taking part in a sponsored walk. During lunchtimes, I have helped supervise computer use in the library. Throughout high school, I have taken part in the annual 'interform' football tournament which takes place every year.

Outside of school, I play a lot of football during weekends, and have a brown belt in karate. I am also a very passionate boxing fan, and regularly watch and debate about it.

I have noticed how computers are used all around me, from medical applications to weather forecasting. E-business, a vital component of today's trade sector, is entirely dependent on networks.

Computers are used extensively in such a diverse range of places and environments, and I would love to play a part in advancing the already thriving computer industry. It fascinates me, how quickly technology moves forward. A few decades ago, simple mailing using computers was out of the question.

Nowadays, online shopping, virtual tours, etc. are common practice on the Internet. It is what lies ahead that I would like to be part of.

In the future, I hope my interest in computers will enable me to become a systems analyst. Embarking on such a degree would be very beneficial to me in terms of increasing my knowledge and understanding.

I am very enthusiastic and confident when it comes to computer systems, and I feel that this will play a major part in helping me to fulfil my ambition.

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This personal statement was written by Boxer for application in 2009.

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University of Leeds

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want a boxing match?

want a boxing match?


THis is great

Amazing!! Man this is so good

Amazing!! Man this is so good that any one can steal your lines and use it for their statements!!

steal all of it if you want

just dont come back crying when they find out

how can they find out if you

how can they find out if you apply for different unis...

anyway your statement was ace :)

Because the similarity checks

Because the similarity checks are made by UCAS, not by the universities themselves.

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