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I have always been fascinated by mathematics and I really enjoy the delightful feeling I get after solving a difficult problem.

Everything that is happening from rocket science to simple day to day life problems can be explained in a mathematical way and that is the beauty of this subject. Studying AS level maths and physics was a great decision and they have helped me improve my numerical and logical skills up to a high standard.

I particularly enjoy the pure mathematical units of the A level syllabus, especially trigonometry, calculus and algebra. After attending a KS5 Mathematics Enrichment Day programme organised by the Queen Mary University of London, I was inspired to take up full A level further mathematics as an extra subject this year.

In addition to my enthusiasm for mathematics, I have become fascinated by computer studies. I took the BTEC Diploma in advanced computer studies and became interested in computer hardware, programming languages, networking and graphics. I even started to write simple computer programs in Java and Visual Basic and also created web pages using HTML during my leisure time.

As computer studies is firmly rooted in mathematics I decided to do a joint degree in mathematics and computer science.

I happen to get more interested in computer hardware after participating in a school competition for new inventions in electronics. I invented a small electrical counting device and won a merit award.

As I am a person who always thinks positively and creatively, doing a degree in mathematics and computer science will help me in building my future career and in obtaining many transferable skills.

During my time in Sri Lanka I was a Girl Guide and a Senior School Prefect in my former school. I was also the secretary of the New Inventions club in the school. I learnt how to take responsibilities and was always a role model to the younger students. It made me realise our importance to the school as senior students and it helped me to build up my personality in taking leadership.

After coming to Great Britain I started working voluntarily for the British Heart Foundation as a sales assistant helping managers and other volunteers to gain a higher profit for the shop.

In addition, I volunteered in a Summer Day Care scheme for disabled children as an assistant carer, helping to look after the children. I worked with a team of people who enjoyed volunteering as much as me and it made me feel good to have done something for the community.

In my leisure time I like reading books, particularly in the detective, thriller, and science fiction genres. I like the way some writers create difficult problems which require the reader to think logically and use common sense to understand the situation. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is one of my all time favourite authors and I've read most of his collection of Sherlock Holmes books over and over again.

Back in Sri Lanka, I used to do sports such as netball, badminton, swimming and table tennis and have achieved first and second places in inter school tournaments. I still play table tennis and badminton once in a while. Furthermore, I have practised Sri Lankan Classical Dancing and achieved the all island second place in a school competition.

After graduating, I intend to pursue further studies to obtain a doctorate in the field of computing or mathematics.

I know that having a degree in mathematics and computer science will open up many career paths and it will make me a well balanced and a skilled person. I am confident that my strong determination and motivation will enable me to succeed in the challenges that university presents both academically and socially.

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This personal statement was written by comwizzz for application in 2000.

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Imperial College- Accepted(Firm)
King's College-Accepted(Insuarance)
Queen Mary-Accepted


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