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In this world that computer is conquering every aspect of life one by one, being a consumer doesn't satisfy me and I want to take part in this revolution.

I’m aware that computer science needs someone who can think logically, communicate perfectly and also have a problem-solver mind. I think all studies I've done and seminars I've participated in and my work experience made me closer to this person.

My first interest in computer began when I started a weblog about Astronomy and became familiar with HTML programming.

Then, in the Salam high school, I joined the robotic team and we made several robots and participated in Brazil RoboCup 2014 and Iran open competitions. This process proved my ability in this field to myself and boosted my teamwork morale.

In the past two years, I have started Swift and Java programming and developed some application and websites. The debugging part of programming has helped my mind to become problem solver.

Programming is one inseparable part of my life and the most enjoyable part of it is when I want to translate my thoughts to computer’s language using logic.

I’m skilled in either tennis and shooting (air rifle) which are individual sports and football which is a team sport and teamwork plays a significant role in it. Learning and practicing piano for more than five years and performing in front of audience has improved my self-confidence.

Considering my keen passion to programming, I am too enthusiastic about taking computer science. My plan for the future is to learn Java and SQL (Structured Query Language) proficiently. I’ll do my best to make a good relationship with my teachers and fellow students to make the university a better place.

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University of Leeds
University of Bath
University of Sheffield
University of Surrey
University of Manchester

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University of Leeds
University of Sheffield
University of Surrey


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