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Ever since my early years at school I can remember having a huge interest in computers, how they work, and their affect on society and how everything works. When I was much younger I remember the first computer my dad ever bought, this is when my interest first developed, when my dad would have a problem with his computer I would generally be able to work out the problem and fix it myself.

From this point on my interest only grew as I began to understand more and more about computers, my thirst for knowledge went on to new areas, suddenly I found myself leaving school and still I felt somewhat left in the dark in a lot of areas concerning computers and general IT, from this point on I knew I wanted to carry this on into college and hopefully further into university.

In college I am currently studying BTEC National Certificate in IT, as well as A level Combined English, I feel like I have a much better understanding of computers now than ever before thanks to my college IT course, but still I feel as if there is always more to learn and University would be the place to better myself

When my mind isn't occupied with IT I enjoy reading, as such I have eagerly enjoyed my English course whilst attending college, I think that my studying English helps towards my IT work, as it has helped me to better articulate my words for the more writing orientated parts of my IT coursework.

It has also given me an eye for detail; textually and generally, which I think could be a useful skill for areas such as coding, where immaculate writing is essential to a successful program.

When my mind isn't pre-occupied by work a lot of my free-time is spent working with computers at home or at a friends, I have 2 friends who have very recently built a computer from scratch designed for high spec gaming and I often had to offer advice as to which components they should choose, and advising compatibility.

As such, I am currently working on building my own high spec computer whenever I accumulate enough money for a new part I purchase components in the hopes of eventually constructing my own computer, I feel like this could help towards my general understanding of computers as it shows I understand the "anatomy" of a computer and which components are required and which only work with certain component types.

My previous work experience includes working in a pub after I turned 18, my duties in this job were to provide drinks to customers as well as keeping my work area tidy, this included my area of the bar as well as the room itself.

I think that the experience I gained from this area of work has helped me to cope working under pressure because working to keep customers satisfied was my priority, other than that the requirement to keep my area of work tidy and presentable as well collecting and cleaning glasses means I was required to complete many tasks at once.

When I'm not spending my time with computers some of my other interests include, music, listening and creating, I play the bass guitar and have done for around 4 years, I have been in a few bands with friends and played quite a few gigs in different pubs, I also took part with a band in a talent event, run by the BBC known as BBC Blast.

Another big interest of mine includes tabletop games, including Dungeons and Dragons and Inquisitor. Dungeons and Dragons particularly being a favourite because of the freedom of creativity it offers, on several occasions I have played as the Dungeon Master as well as a player character.

The other of my favourite tabletop games being Inquisitor, the reason for this is that this game works on a D100 system as opposed to a D20 system which Dungeons and Dragons works on, this very basically means that various actions and rules rely on the rolling of a D100 as opposed to a D20 dice.

I think that these interests can contribute to my understanding of programming and the maths aspect of computer science as it provides maths style equations needed for the game to work successfully.

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I am hoping to get some advice on how to improve this for my application this year


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