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I don't want to change the world. I want to change the way we interact with it and programming is a good way to accomplish it. Every day I challenge myself to imagine new possible solutions for real-world problems and create them by writing new lines of code.

While I am developing various projects: from web applications to chat bots, I know that one of my works will eventually impact our lifestyle and help us to live a better life.

My journey into the discipline of computer science started at school. I learned programming basics and general problem solving there. I have always enjoyed maths and logical reasoning so writing computer programs quickly became my favourite activity.

Consequently, I began competing and winning at school’s coding competitions based on Coding Game platform where I was able to use learned theory in practice. But school course wasn't enough for me. Reading books like Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen enabled me to design more complex algorithms, write cleaner and smarter code.

Besides C++, I taught myself JavaScript and Python languages and started my web developer's career.

Last spring I got into internship at software development company NFQ Technologies. While working there, I improved my development skills in creating large database structures and learning new web frameworks. I spent three months in developing application which lets customers quickly create their weekly meal plans by predicting their taste and needs.

Working in Agile team and preparing project's growth plan gave me a good understanding of fluent teamwork and well organised business and helped me to create a small company.

Since last summer I have been developing and selling web applications for small local businesses. Having my own company is an outstanding experience that helps me grow as a

I love creating web apps but my real passion is Artificial Intelligence. I know that invention of Artificial General Intelligence will be the greatest revolution in history and I want to be a part of it. I got interested in this subject after I read The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil.

I was so inspired by the idea of creating super intelligence and its impact on humanity that I decided to begin self study machine learning. Today I am integrating image and speech recognition into my web applications by using Tensor Flow library in order to create better user experiences.

I would like to learn more about Intelligence systems especially deep learning and assist other researchers in creating our future.

Besides computer science, I love reading. Every spare evening I try to relax and immerse myself into science fiction or philosophy books. Since childhood I had fantasised about wonderful inventions I read in the books that today actually become reality.

Today I not only dream but also get inspiration for my new projects. My summertime activity is yacht sailing. For the past four summers I have been sailing in the Curonian Lagoon and learning about adventurous yet dangerous world of sailors.

All the lessons paid off when my team won 1st place in the Curonian Lagoon regatta in our ships category in 2016.

I believe that my devotion and passion for computer science will help me to affect our interaction with the world. I have so much more to learn in order to achieve it and I believe that studying in the United Kingdom and experiencing its culture will help me to do it.

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