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I have a strong desire to study Computer Science because it is unimaginable to witness its advancement, from something that was at first the size of a room to something that nowadays can effortlessly fit in one’s pocket. I wish to find myself being a part of the fastest moving technology in the world.

Computer Science has always been among the forefront of my interests. It was however only relatively recently that I considered focusing my further education ambitions on a degree in this field.

While studying Mathematics, Informatics, and Physics at school, I found that they are all interlinked. Maths has taught me how to apply mathematical equations along with formulas into computing, and also that I can approach a problem in countless ways, that I have also found to be true for programming.

Physics has always fed my thirst for knowledge of how certain things like motherboard and processor worked together, these have played a pivotal role in giving me a logical thought process which I could use to deal with multifaceted problems in my further education.

Furthermore, I believe that my one-month work experience placement, based in IT support at "EuroSoluție", offered me a much more practical understanding of how a business works and confirmed that I wanted to go into computing. Through this placement, I learnt how crucially important it is to have a logical and lucid thinking.

In addition, it provided me with much insight into the difficulties that programmers encounter, such as meeting deadlines and handling tricky customers. I firmly believe that teamwork is both challenging and beneficial, because it brings people with a vast range of skills together and allows me to learn from others, yet it is a challenge in that I am exposed to new and unfamiliar ideas and ways of problem-solving.

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This is only a half of it, I just wanted to read some opinions. I am not applying in UK.


This personal statement is unrated


Don't plagiarise, be yourself

I have read many personal statements before and I can quickly tell that you have copied from another statement. Personal statement as the name suggests is personal, so give your unique experiences.

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