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As always a journey no matter how long or difficult begins with the first step. It is my wish that I start my postgraduate education- or my journey for a better life- by applying to Politecnico de Milano so that I am best equipped to face my future. And this application and personal statement is my first step towards that goal.

An institution as prestigious as yours no doubt receives countless applications from all over the world and the fact that you encourage applications from people of diverse backgrounds and actually listen to the problems of your prospective students has prompted me to first write a little about my background.

My name is Munir-Ul-Hassan and I am from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) that border Pakistan and Afghanistan and I feel myself very lucky and privileged to be applying to Politecnico de Milano, Italy- two places that cannot be further apart in both distance, time, culture and level of technological attainment.

As awful as it may sound but the fact is that I belong to North Waziristan Agency, an area that has been or rather still is under the shadow of the International War on Terror for the last one decade due to its ill-fated placement and geographical proximity with Afghanistan. The long-drawn struggle between the security forces and the militants has not only made life miserable for common people rather it has caused a severe setback to the economic and educational activities of the area.

Despite this uncertain situation and continual bouts of terror, still some honest hardworking people struggle to acquire education which is the only thing that might bring a positive change to the area. Therefore, there are high hopes pinned on this educated fabric of society that may work for the general uplift of the area by imparting in them the consciousness and spirit of tolerance, harmony and brotherhood.
That is how some of us caught in up in this maelstrom of all-round confusion and chaos try to make sense of it. Yet, it seems economic constraints always hinder people of my area to access the desired institutions of higher learning or indeed any learning as repeatedly schools and educational institutions of all levels have remained closed in our areas for long periods of time due to military interventions/operations in our neighborhoods and villages.

I personally have been affected by these catastrophic series of events which took place as I studied at the International Islamic University over the period of 2004-9. It was a very tough time for us as our villages and homes were caught up between an opposing force and an immovable object. Several times during this period I spent days and weeks on end wondering if my family would make it through this ordeal or like everyone else I would lose someone close maybe a brother, maybe an uncle or as indeed as I have, many friends. Even through all this when contact was made my father simply told me to concentrate on my studies and not to think about problems back home only about the future and not the uncertain present or tumultuous past.

Once during the peak fighting I could not wait, as no news was forthcoming from my family and area for a full three weeks, and I immediately set off to find them amongst the death and destruction raining around my village. After a long struggle, which is worth the telling but this is not the right forum for it, I found my family and sought to bring them to Islamabad with me where now we reside since it is still dangerous to go back.
All this took place as I struggled to complete the first passion of my life- my studies. Time and time again as I look back I am amazed at how I managed to finish my degree in such conditions of uncertainty through which my family and I have gone through. I have only to thank my father as he repeatedly inspired me to look to the future and also to my university and donors who helped me both through long counciling sessions and also, of course, financial help. Only in times of adversity do you really see mankind at its best as many people offered to help me in this difficult time.

All the experiences that I have gone through has not yet dimmed my expectations about the future as I look to continue my educational journey with renewed purpose and dedication. This I believe will only be fulfilled if I could reach an institution of higher learning which enjoys worldwide repute and that encourages multicultural diversity in its student body as well as promoting the needs of students of modest backgrounds. This I believe I will find at your institution.

The reputation of your prestigious institution (Politecnico de Milano) for offering attractive opportunities to young people has raised my appetite to become a part of this challenging environment and enhance my qualification under the guidance of ablest faculty members and commendable research facilities. The following are some of the underlying rationales for applying to do master program in Engineering of Computing Systems in Italy:

- In this prestigious institution of Italy I would get a chance to meet motivated bright students from all over the world with diverse cultures and backgrounds.
- To study Engineering of Computing Systems at of the best universities in the world with close and intimate relations with the industry.
- Furthermore, this reputed university will hopefully offer a scholarship to enable me to get a chance to study abroad which would broaden my outlook of the world and show me new horizons.

The greatest advantage of studying in European universities is the availability of standard and quality education in which one can find sufficient opportunities to polish his skills. Studying in such viable atmosphere will contribute in getting command over the subject which in return will increase the recruitment incentives in well-reputed organizations where I’ll further explore the hidden potentials by bringing in use the vastly acquired experience that students gain at Politecnico de Milano . Moreover, my educational achievements will not only cause inspiration among the students of the tribal areas from where I belong but it I’ll also try my level best to serve the people on humanitarian basis. The best hope is that this reputed institution will fulfill my long lasting dream to complete my education.

Along with my undergraduate degree I have also done the OCP (Developer Track 11g) course work but due to my family and financial problems I couldn’t appear in the in international exam, but I cleared the exam here on my country (Pakistan) level. It has given me the confidence to pursue a master’s degree and also kindled a desire to do research. The subject of research which interests me the most is Database systems, Data warehouse, Business Intelligence, RDBMS and related to data bases. Coding is another research area which arouses my curiosity. I am eager to find out more about the applications of these topics and this dream will come true if I got a chance to pursue my Master degree at Politecnico di Milano.

The subjects that I have studied in my bachelor studies should indeed fulfill any requirements for Masters in Engineering of Computing Systems. My undergraduate studies already focused on the Computer and now in Graduate studies main focus of my research will be related to Engineering of Computing Systems and informatics. A master degree in Engineering of Computing Systems would be definitely a suitable choice to continue my studies.

As far as the Master program in English language is concerned, my 10 year schooling, intermediate diploma and undergraduate degree, the language of instructions and all the courses taught and examinations I have taken were in English.

It is a strong belief in my family that the Italian education system has the best to offer in the Europe. This belief arises out of the experience that my friends had when they start their Masters in Computer Engineering in Politecnico de Milano from years 2010- to date. If I can get an opportunity to be a part of that intellectually stimulating environment, I am sure my talents will be put to optimal use.

My country is a developing country with an enormous potential in the information technology business. To serve the needs of this developing industry and more important its vast population, Information technology and computer engineering is going to become of utmost importance. Thus conditions here are very conducive to supplement my aspirations when I return after completing my graduate studies.

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This personal statement was written by mhassan for application in 2012.

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Need an expert opinion plz, guide me regarding my PS, i want to apply for Master level degree, so is this PS statment ok? should i proceed with it?


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