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Over the past few years, I have developed a great interest in computer science, software development, and the IT industry. However, my motivation for studying computer science took shape from very early on, when elementary school introduced me to computers.

The novelty, rapid pace of change, precision and different approach to information of computer science deepened my interest in this field, leading me towards pursuing this subject in my university studies.

The first real programming I did was when I implemented databases in graphical applications. The success of these admittedly modest but extremely self-instructive programs and my having to deal with day-to-day software and hardware difficulties encouraged me to choose a high-school curriculum specialised in computer science and mathematics.

These two subjects' methods have also contributed to my academic interest in history. Observing how a mathematical problem unfolds, what needs are behind it, and which way is best to solve it - all these insights helped me see history from a fresh, analytical perspective.

High-school has allowed me to consolidate my knowledge of computer science. Throughout the last four years of my education, I have built a strong base in algorithms and their direct relations to mathematical problems, broadening my view of informational systems. Creating web-pages has shown me an area where my creativity could best express itself.

Using complex algorithms enabled me to find the quickest route to a solution and, at the same time, has changed the way I see competition. From extra-curricular projects such as a simultaneous equation solver which used the set of algorithms some of my class-mates and I put together, I learned that working in a team in which different approaches can meet is vital in order to successfully compete.

In addition to the computer science curriculum, I have always been interested in the open source movement, taking part in the testing of new software and attending events dealing with technological advancement.

I want to continue studying computer science in order to expand my skills as a software creator, which I see as prerequisite for a career in information technologies later on.

The possibility of pursuing a higher education course in the United Kingdom represents a great chance for me, to learn more about computer science and get closer to the IT industry.

While I am aware that studying in a different country can be challenging, I have confidence in my adaptability skills. Even though my native language is not English, I have already managed to communicate in the language on many occasions, ranging from software development to traveling.

Working with software in English over the years has been an invaluable aid in thoroughly familiarising myself with technical terminology. Traveling, in turn, has had multiple functions in my case. It has been not only a hobby, but also a chance to connect with other peoples and cultures, to whose opinions I have always been receptive, given that I see prejudice as a harmful attitude.

However contrasting it may seem, I am equally passionate about fantasy literature and computers. Reading and writing about this type of literature has been a hobby, along with chess and table tennis.

I have also always enjoyed the company of others in meaningful social interactions, and this makes me confident that I will be able to associate with people both similar to and different from myself.

With these considerations in mind, I feel that British academic life and your institution would enable me to thrive, and I am looking forward to enjoying the many intellectual and personal satisfactions a UK education brings.

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This personal statement was written by afrozenfish for application in 2008.


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