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Computer science, to me, is a vocation that stresses problem-solving, resilience, and creativity with world-changing potential. I love writing code, whether it be a simple program or an entire operating system, that can positively impact others.

My foundation for computer science began at the age of five when I started to learn the piano. Learning music taught me resilience and how to persevere through complex compositions. Developing this quality enabled me to overcome problems I faced and excel in playing the instrument. In turn, I achieved grade 8 piano at the age of nine. Besides music, I have always enjoyed solving complex problems, especially mathematical ones. This passion for problem-solving allowed me to develop the mathematical skills to achieve silver for the UKMT junior mathematical Olympiad twice, encouraging my exploration of new and exciting mathematical ideas.

It was not until my father began working as a software engineer that I truly acknowledged the world of computer science. Fascinated by all the structured code blocks, I began tinkering with it myself, teaching myself HTML, CSS, and some basic JavaScript. What started as something I did in my leisure time became an obsession. I spent countless hours programming, delving deeper and deeper into the field of CS. This obsession intensified when I moved to the United States for high school; the transition gave me various opportunities to become proficient in programming through internships and programming classes. I signed up for a computer science elective that helped expand upon the basics I taught myself. After excelling in the class, I was given the opportunity to intern at NASA.

During the internship, I used Python and Java to create algorithms that determined anomalies for an earthquake signal precursor and also used various JavaScript and Python libraries to visualize the anomalies using three-dimensional vectors. This system could detect spikes (anomalies) in the earth’s magnetic field days in advance before an earthquake and save thousands of lives. The fact that the system we worked on had life-saving potential was very motivating. I relished this opportunity to hone my programming skills and positively impact others’ lives.

Producing algorithms from scratch proved extremely challenging but allowed me to develop my creativity and problem-solving skills. These are qualities that I look forward to cultivating at university, working with like-minded people to complete projects similar to the earthquake signal precursor. Working as a team was something new to me, but it was something that I thoroughly enjoyed. I learned to cooperate (a sharp contrast to my independent approach to programming before) and take criticism from others when I made mistakes.

This year, taking AP Computer Science has helped me consolidate everything I have learned. It takes a technical approach to computer science, progressing from primitive types to iteration to inheritance. This is unlike the way I have learned previously, which was more of a learn-as-I-code approach. The change in viewpoint has enabled me to broaden my outlook on the subject.

In my free time, I enjoy reading CS-related books. I am currently reading “Godel, Escher, Bach” by Douglas R Hofstadter, which has opened my mind to a fun approach to challenging but intrinsically fascinating subjects. Hofstadter has fun with topics like artificial intelligence, metamathematics, and music, not only discussing but subtly demonstrating them throughout.

I am eager to participate in university life and discover a broad range of internship opportunities at university. I look forward to broadening my knowledge of computer science and achieving proficiency, using the skills I learn to benefit others. The dedication and resilience I have learned while mastering the piano has enabled me to achieve excellence in my other pursuits. These same qualities will allow me to excel in university and beyond.

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