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I don't know if it's a co-incidence or just some sort of supreme-being setting me up for life, but I got my first pair of glasses the same year that I first saw a computer. It was at my primary school in 1984, it was a BBC Model B, and they were brown NHS jobbies. So naturally, because I was the only boy with glasses, I was nominated to be the school computer boffin. It's a role I've stuck with my entire life.

I have now been interested in computing for almost 30 years. Currently a freelance website developer and graphic designer, I began when I was 8 years old by teaching myself BASIC, going on to program computer games on my VIC20 and Spectrum in my teenage years. More recently, I have developed a keenness for learning other programming languages, including HTML, PHP, ActionScript and ASP.

In addition, since 1992, I have been running a grass-roots film-making group, writing and directing ten short films in my spare time. Recording digitally and using Adobe Audition, Premiere and After Effects for post production, my film-making has given me a desire to understand how computer graphics and visual effects are created.

This clearly demonstrates the two sides of my personality: the scientific and the creative. Driven by the creativity of science and the science of creativity, I like to know exactly how things work - so that I use that knowledge to create something new, something better.

My enthusiasm for computers, my natural instinct for computing, and my desire to always make something new has been a constant factor in my life. After leaving school with A Levels in mathematics and physics, as well as A-Grade GCSEs in Mathematics and Science (Double Award), I became a graphic designer in 1996, and then a self-taught web designer in 2004.

Since then, I have built many websites from scratch using using Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash. I have also built online databases using MySQL and Microsoft Access.

Throughout this time, whenever people I know have had computer problems, they have been coming to me, asking: "Can you help me...?" But now it's my turn: I have reached a stage in my life where I need the help - in building me a future.

I would like a degree to consolidate and enhance my knowledge of computing (such as learning C++, Java, AI techniques and 3D rendering) in order to enhance my professional career in the ever-expanding world of computers.

Studying at degree level is not a new experience for me: I am currently studying part time towards BSc Computing and IT at the Open University, which ties into many of the concepts and intended learning outcomes for my chosen courses. I have also previously studied at UEA, achieving a Diploma in Creative Writing.

Fortunately, personal circumstances now allow me to once again commit full time to my education.

Going forward, I intend to use my new abilities with computers to make something new - whether it is developing new software or web applications to make things easier for home or business users; creating new kinds of websites that take the internet in a different direction; making innovative visual effects for movies, or designing graphics for video games or animated films.

Nowadays, computers are everywhere, and their scope and capabilities are expanding all the time. But I've still got my glasses, and I'm still committed to being a computer boffin.

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