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I want to study computer science because the world of computers and their integration has exploded in recent years.

It has been incredible to observe the development of the computer, from something that was originally the size of a small room and now can fit easily into your hand and has become an integral part of modern society finding uses in just about everything.

I want to be a part of the fastest moving technology in the world striving to advance the technologies available to industry and the consumer.

While studying my AS Levels in computing, mathematics, further mathematics and physics I have found that they are all interlinked. The choice of my subjects has given me an in depth understanding of the principle ideas of computing that I would not have been able to achieve studying them in one context.

The area that I most enjoyed in my computing course was a piece of coursework which involved having to create a database to a stringent specification.

I found this challenging to complete because I was given a problem and had to construct a working solution for it using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic in applications.

Programming is a major factor in my interest of computer science. I find programming appealing because of the challenge involved in creating a resolution to a problem using different methods.

My study of mathematics and further mathematics have played a pivotal role in my studies giving me a logical thought process that I can apply to other subject areas. I found the mechanics module that I took in my Further Mathematics most intriguing as it could be applied to real life situations such as projectile motion.

This was also true for some other modules as I found the applied side more rewarding and enjoyable as opposed to the pure side of mathematics.

While at my secondary school I chose to take my statistics module in year nine staying behind once a week so I could improve my mathematical understanding in preparation for my further education.

I also opted to take a vocational art and design course which meant I attended a class at Blackburn College for two hours a week extra.

In addition to these I studied an AS level in critical thinking during year ten. Studying for these extra qualifications has reinforced my determination to proceed on to higher education.

In my spare time I have worked for over a season as a Ground Safety Steward at Blackburn Rovers Football Club. During my time at the club I have learnt skills such as dealing with the public and providing a welcoming atmosphere, working under pressure and becoming a reliable and responsible person.

Stewarding at Blackburn Rovers has provided me with an interesting escape from college life. At college I was a member of a cross college committee which involved representing the student voice with regards to the ICT issues within the college. I acted as the link between the student body and the administration.

I found this a good use for my ICT knowledge and also gained an understanding of how problems are dealt with in a business type environment.

My hobbies include keeping fit by running regularly. I benefit from this because it is a chance to test myself and it enables me to focus and calm my mind eliminating everyday stress.

I hope to gain my scuba diving license this year which means I will be qualified to scuba dive. From my university experience I aim to become a more independent person and make new friends with similar interests.

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This personal statement was written by westy for application in 2008.


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This a really good personal statement. I applied to study ICT and used this personal statement to draft my own and was given offers to Reading, Kent and Hertfordshire... Thanks so much!


Fantastic post. Fantastic.

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