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In AI and computer science/ software engineering, I see a purposeful and versatile vocation. What I love is creative thinking with an analytical core. I have been interested in comp sci since I was quite young as my father was an influence. Weekly, my father would make my siblings and I complete coding challenges. This made me completely immerse myself in understanding why computers worked from an early age. And watching the technology development as I grew up.

My A-levels biology and chemistry taught me discipline, attention to detail, analytics and problem solving. The A-level I found most rewarding was maths. Two years ago I was struggling to achieve a level 4 in GCSE maths. After finding out I could not study this course without maths, I progressed on and now I'm predicted to get an A.

Despite not studying computer science at college, my interest was still alive and sparking. Around this time I was given the opportunity to gain some work experience at Jaguar Land Rover for two weeks. Accompanied the senior software engineering team who were there for mentorship and guidance.I was one of 10 students working independently , completing minor coding challenges. During the second week, I was given the opportunity to lead the team, based on the performance of the week prior. We were given a problem where there was a lot of data about a range of cars given: model number, category of complaint, significance of complaint and many other factors. We coded for each category and subcategory and presented our work at the end of the week. During this time, we talked with software developers/engineers to help us make our automated program run as smoothly as possible. To ensure this, I set the first two days of getting our design together. The third and fourth days creating the code,I assigned each team member to code for one category and three subcategories. The last day, the whole team ran different parts of the program and debugged wherever needed.

This majorly eye opening experience made me learn the importance of communication, team management, the importance of organisation and how software engineering in industry is very intertwined with business after talking to the business analysts.

My interest in computer science does not stop outside of my work experience, as I built my very own 3D printer, as a student it was hard collecting all the parts as my part-time job at the time didn't play very well. So over the course of three months. I collected my control board, stepper motor, print head, end stop and tool kit. I had many problems trying to figure out how to use the control board. Using ThingyVerse, I started my journey trying to use the software to develop my designs. After these experiences, I realised that I needed to go into tech in the future whether it’s AI, robotics or software engineering. My passion is to diversify with as many programming languages as possible and learn how different parts of computers function. I love that there are so many ways you can communicate with a machine, and how encapsulating computers systems are.

Outside academia and programming, I run a small business as well as leading a team. This helped build my prioritisation skills, managing my A-levels, a part-time job and my business. This also massively affected my social skills as I used to be a very shy and introverted person. Now leading a team I am able to conduct meetings and showcase my ideas and dispute ideas very clearly.

In conclusion, I would be very enthusiastic and prepared to be accepted onto this course. I feel as though my work and interest over the years will help me prosper in my career as a software developer or ai engineer. It is my dream to one day lead development teams. And expanding my knowledge on many topics in between such as data science and understanding the complexities of algorithms.

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please be as harsh as possible and tell me everything you would change, this is the first draft so there is a lot of spelling, grammar mistakes.


personally, I feel like I talked about my work experience for too long and did not explain why I want to do the course.

I also feel as though I might have made it sound like I think I already know a lot (I know I don't)

I don't want to come off as arrogant so please tell me where i went wrong


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