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Building my first computer was an experience I will never forget. Looking over what seemed to be a city of silicone, I marveled at how elegantly the components were arranged on the motherboard.

Yet I did not feel fully satisfied, as I knew there was a whole other world of computing, which could only be explored by completing a degree in computer science.

Studying A Level mathematics has taught me that there are countless methods of approaching a problem and I have also found this to be true of programming.

During my spare time I began to learn Python and, combining this with my mathematics skills, I was able to write some small tools and applications, including an eBay fee calculator, which I used in my electronics business.

These tools, despite being very simple, gave me a glimpse into the possibilities of programming and how effective they can be in making everyday life more easy, productive and efficient.

In addition, chemistry and physics have helped me to develop my rational and evaluative skills. Physics in particular has nurtured my need to know how things function by enhancing my ability to piece things together into structured theory.

I believe my academic career this far has provided me with a platform from which I can pursue my ambitions, with higher education in computer science being the natural next step. One of my most elevating experiences was completing a CISCO course in PC hardware and software.

It covered troubleshooting hardware and software issues to understanding basic networking and security. Having to provide maintenance for my younger sibling's computers meant I had a great opportunity to experiment and get to grips with computing.

Whether it was the OS failing to boot or the monitor failing to show any signal, diagnosing and repairing the issues allowed me to learn from experience and failures. Furthermore, my skills at troubleshooting were put to the test in this course. It allowed me to apply my knowledge to the real world and gave me confidence in the computer field.

Whilst in secondary school I ran my own business offering services to fix computers and other electronics.

Utilising services such as eBay allowed me to become quite a reputable online seller, and gave me key skills in communication and advertisement online. Using the internet, I learned how to fix many devices and applying this information helped me to gain a broader knowledge of computer hardware.

Having to construct many custom builds and also offering upgrade services to people, I was able to use many of the skills I acquired from CISCO.

I am currently taking part in a GCSE Maths Tuition programme, aimed at supporting underachieving students succeed. I help students approach complex mathematical problems in a more logical manner, enabling them to excel where they previously struggled.

I have also completed a course in CMI management, in which I learned about the role of a first line manager and gained an understanding of the intricacies of a functioning company

In my spare time I enjoy film-making, photography and trading electronics. To satisfy my interest in film-making and photography I took part in a BFI film workshop as well as a national parliament competition in which I achieved 2nd place. In addition, my skills at using a DSLR were put to use by assisting a wedding photography business with developing its website and photo editing.

I am ambitious and passionate and I have a deep-seated interest in modern technology, the field around which all of my hobbies and interests revolve.

The prospect of studying computer science excites me as it will not only allow me to mature in my understanding of the discipline but will also make it possible for me to contribute positively to its evolution.

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