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Having gained life experience in troubleshooting computers, and a desire to understand how they work, led me to realise I want to study computer science. Being able to recognise issues in data or an opportunity to further advance life changing technology, requires a lot of problem-solving skills and is a career that I want to join and make a mark on. I want to be in a career that needs a logical approach, but also needs an open-mindedness to other perspectives.

I have previous knowledge of the programming language JavaScript as I had self-studied it through online research. I started off creating static web pages, but then created one where the functionality of it was to make a sound and the user had to guess from one of the multiple pictures of instruments on which one it was.
My first introduction to coding was in middle school when my class group decided to make an app to support our school canteen. It was to have an order functionality for the attendings students. My project management and cooperation skills were enhanced through this project. Unfortunately, the project was shelved due to the limited resources we had at the time, but it began my interest in technology itself.

I was also part of a summer program in 2012 at a local science centre called 'Vilvite'. The summer program consisted of being introduced to robot programming and competition at the end to ascertain how much we learned. Groups of two were to program a robot through an obstacle course and apply different sensors to the robot. This benefitted me with better communication and strategy planning skills.

Secondly, I was chosen to be featured in a blog post about a national youth activity program called 'Trivselsprogrammet,' due to the program being awarded a huge financial sum by The Crown Prince and Crown Princess' Foundation. This program helped primary and secondary schools with recess activities and keeping kids active, which I was a part of and took charge of activities throughout my time in primary and secondary school.

Additionally, I have experience in volunteering in various youth organisations, such as being the financial controller of a youth organisation called Day's Work based in Norway in 2019. Through this, I developed my problem-solving skills and online interpersonal skills using Microsoft Teams. My roles included being a student representative for my school in the Student Council of Bergen City, then student leader in my high school and worked my way up to vice president of the Hordaland country. I gained the necessary skills in team management, planning and execution of a plan, and having a good eye for detail.

My 4-year experience as a basketball coach and team captain at my local sports club in Norway has taught me how to have patience and developed my teamwork skills. By having open communication with my teams that I coached and played with, I learned how to look at things from unique perspectives, accepting and giving feedback after each game, and improved my organization and time management skills. Whether it was a complex strategy or just a simple one, I took input from every team member and kid that I coached.

I have always been motivated to be the best there is, whether it was being the best at writing at school, the best at youth politics or the best basketball player back then. So, my long-term plan is to make my mark in computer science as well and to do this I want to get the most out of university. It will allow me to develop the skills I have already gained, as well as new ones, to help tackle any challenges that I face in the future.

BSc Computer Science
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