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I have always had a sustained interest in pursing a career which is computer based. It was because of this interest that I chose to study Information Technology as one of my A levels.

Information Technology is very useful in the modern world especially its use in Business and Accounts, I therefore choose these rigorous subjects as my other A levels and saw how computers are useful in each of these.

I enjoy Information Technology because I find the project work to be very interesting and challenging. Business helps me to broaden my view about the world around me, where as accounts I have gained knowledge of how businesses use and apply money. I'm sure all my A levels would be useful for me on my course at university and in my career in the world of computing

I carried out some work experience at the Royal London Dentistry Hospital which was found very worthwhile. It involved going to different departments and I was able to see how modern technology helps in dentistry. I also talked to many patients and saw the teamwork involved in curing their conditions

I have been actively involved in many other aspects of school life. I was a tour guide on a college open day. This not only involved having the confidence to speak in front of others and inform them of accurate information, it also gave me a great sense of responsibility. I'm sure any career in the computer field would require you to be responsible to work on your own and possibly could require you to be confident

There are many activities which I pursue outside of school. These include playing badminton with my friends. I often find myself competing with my friends and see it as a challenge to play against them. Despite winning or losing I very much enjoy playing this. I also play on occasion's cricket which requires much teamwork.

Along side this I take a great interest in my religion and culture. I have been part of many Islamic societies where I have learnt more about my religion but also helped organise several different events. However, in my free time I often find myself drawn back to the computer

Having my own Internet facility at home has made it easier for me to broaden my knowledge on the world of Information Technology.

I also enjoy surfing the Internet for fun or looking up other useful information. I find it useful to find out about my religion on the internet as well. I designed a website which I very much enjoyed doing. I'm sure I have the skills and knowledge to pursue any computer based career and I am very confident I will enjoy it

I am very confident of gaining a good degree but wish to fully participate in social, cultural and sporting events.

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