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Advancements in computing technology from its inception have resulted in ground-breaking changes in society. Growing up during the growth (and eventual explosion) of the internet, as well as century-defining developments in technology, have both motivated me to study computer science at university.

Following my break from education after leaving sixth form, I have entered the workforce as a full-time employee at an online food delivery warehouse. My work experience has taught me skills such as workplace professionalism and effective communication among colleagues and management, which are both transferable to group projects that form part of a university course.

I have personally communicated with senior staff in the IT department of the warehouse, where I learned about the possible paths of progression towards software-related roles in the company and what the best pathway towards qualifying for them is. It was shortly after that I was advised to pursue a degree, in order to expand my options in the field as broadly as possible and begin my career in the industry as a qualified, competitive candidate.

My leisure time has largely consisted of programming in numerous languages and developing proficiency in related software, such as integrated development environments and text editors.

I have utilised resources such as Udemy's paid, computer science-related courses, to allow me to build my own software from the ground up. My proudest examples of this include projects such as programming a self-driving car, and building my own cryptocurrency with a built-in ledger and blockchain.

As part of my Access to Computing course, I have also personally undertaken a research project into cryptocurrency and its effects on the demand for fiat currency, having been an enthusiast on the subject for years prior to beginning my course. Furthermore, I have previously undertaken independent game development projects and released them to the public, which I have built using the Lua programming language, with the assistance of game engines and visual studios.

I have received feedback from skilled developers online on these projects, and used the criticism to make effective amendments to my projects, helping me to deliver a higher quality final product.

Alongside my applied experience in developing software, I have also taken a passionate interest in the theoretical aspects of computing. Indeed, it was researching the offered modules that ultimately solidified my decision to apply to your university, as these most closely relate to the topics that I am most passionate about and keen on learning more on.

Prior to beginning my course, I have delved deeper into the aforementioned topics through online courses such as the Harvard CS50, which have greatly expanded my skills as a developer and put me on track to achieve valuable qualifications before even starting progress on a degree.

It is without a doubt that choosing to take a two-year break from education, and pursue an access diploma immediately afterwards, has set me on a good path to launch my career. Thanks to my new-found appreciation for higher education and work ethic stemming from my work experience, I am able to offer your university a motivated, purpose-driven student.

Pursuing this subject at university will undoubtedly open pathways that would have otherwise been shut to me as a non-graduate. Examples of this include entering competitive graduate schemes for companies in the field with degree requirements, as well as pursuing postgraduate qualifications and working in computer science research.

The option to undertake a year in industry has also motivated me to develop my plan to attend university in the upcoming academic year. With my expertise and access to connections and opportunities offered through university, I am confident that I will embark on a fruitful and fulfilling career in the field.

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The personal statement that I have submitted as part of my application for numerous computer science programmes. I have applied to: Nottingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, Sussex and Aberystwyth. I have a conditional from Aber and I'm still waiting on responses from the rest.

Clearly, it's evident in some ways that this was a very last-minute personal statement (wrote it all in one hour), but I like to think that it stands out in its own ways and avoids most common cliches found in personal statements (despite consisting of its own, of course). Feedback is much appreciated!


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