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I believe that mathematics is a key part of life. Being ambitious and willing to face challenges, asking questions and exploring problems without quite knowing how the solution will emerge are the key to my interest in mathematics.

My studies in mathematics and further mathematics at A level have strengthened my interest in this subject and have shown me a complete new world of mathematics. In particular, I have enjoyed studying networks and calculus. It was exciting to find that Mathematical techniques could be used to solve real life problems such as differential equations that can be solved to design astonishing buildings.

In addition to retaining a strong interest in Mathematics, my fascination for computers has also grown. Creating a website as part of my ICT coursework allowed me to use programming language such as ‘HTML’ to make an efficient website. It was easy to use and quite interesting to find out that programming language is an algorithm designed for computers to carry tasks quickly.

My decision to apply for the joint course was confirmed after I attended two summer schools. After attending a number of lectures I understood what computer science consists of and its importance in our fast developing world.

I found that there is a “sea of knowledge” to be discovered, and by studying a joint honours at degree level in such closely related subjects, as mathematics and computer science will give me a broad range of skills and expertise which I could use to solve multifaceted problems in the future.

As part of my community placement in year 12, I provided mathematics support for students with language difficulties. As I am trilingual, it was easy for students to communicate with me and get the best support. Similarly a work experience at a warehouse in year 11 gave me a great opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds.

Through these placements, I have improved my communication skills, confidence, teamwork and independent working skills.

Recently I have become a prefect and have joined the Young Enterprise Group. I am looking forward to taking on the responsibilities involved. In addition, I have participated in the Duke of Edinburgh ‘Silver’ awards, which was very challenging. I worked as part of a team, which helped me to build up my interpersonal and time management skills.

I believe the skills I have gained will be extremely useful at university to help me succeed.

Alongside my studies I believe physical fitness is important in life, therefore in my leisure times I swim and run. Additionally, the opportunity to play in a volleyball team has enabled me to work as part of a group.

Being a member of a team has required regular commitment to training and a high level of self motivation, and these skills are some of the skills that I can use at university to help me be on top of my work and to motivate friends and team members to do well.

I am sure that having a Joint Honours Degree in mathematics and computer science will give me transferable skills which I could use in a variety of careers.

I am currently investigating a number of areas that appeal to me, including software engineering and further postgraduate studies. I am proud of my achievements and am open minded.

I intend to approach the future positively and have many aspirations as to what I am going to do at university. I know that I will encounter new opportunities, make new friends and rise to the exciting challenge of university life!

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This personal statement was written by Haidar-e-karrar for application in 2011.

Haidar-e-karrar's university choices
Lancaster University
The University of Birmingham
University of East Anglia

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Computer Science & Mathematics at Loughborough University


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