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Dissecting my mother’s old PC at elementary school, editing videos of me and my friends fooling around in the middle school and my later developed interest in programming established my close relationship with computers. Almost unnoticeably I have been absorbed by the digital world and found myself eagerly spending hours exploring it thoroughly.

Both of my most prominent personality sides, creativity and explicitness, were satisfied through solving unconventional but unequivocal problems, thus, my interest in the subject keeps growing in a rapid fashion.

Enthusiasm for computer science as a career path naturally grew from my success in the field of Mathematics. I have always been a keen student of the subject, hence contended in numerous Olympiads and placed 3rd and 1st regionally in grades 9 and 10 respectively.

As I started studying Computer Science at an extended level the previous year, I ranked 1st in the Regional Olympiad for two years consecutively. This enabled me to compete in the national round and in preparation I started courses in advanced algorithms and Java on Udacity.

To obtain such accolades I had to deepen my knowledge in C++, which I have been studying for 4 years. These participations not only propelled me academically but also established the significance of extracurricular study, perseverance needed to flourish and put emphasis on the importance of individual learning.

My interest in programming surpassed my devotion for Maths when I realised it has more practical uses – I wrote code to help me and my classmates prepare for tests more efficiently by having solutions and explanations for specific problems available at hand.

The desire to excel at the subject led me to attending a robotics course at Klaipeda University. I merged my physics literacy and programming skills to create a few projects on Arduino, such as a remote controlled car and a light-sensitive lamp.

Combined knowledge of different subjects allowed me to recognise the usefulness of a broad set of skills and their practical application. Another fascination of mine is video editing, which has become a versatile skill and a form of a captivating way of spreading information and educating others.

I have been editing with Sony Vegas alongside Photoshop for approximately 6 years and have been fortunate enough to be recognised as a talented video creator locally and on the international scale.

Although my main focus is technology, I realised my outspoken, communicative and outgoing sides through participation in Erasmus+ program. During my trip to Bulgaria last year I experienced a different culture first-hand and developed an understanding of what it means to adapt and live in unfamiliar surroundings.

Meeting people from various backgrounds made me more tolerant and aware of the global issues. In addition, as a member of Students’ Parliament I organised numerous events.

I find working as part of a team on media production or assuming responsibility as a leader have equipped me with transferable skills, such as teamwork, effective management of hefty numbers of people and finding common ground with peers and teachers alike.

Outside school I find enjoyment in biking and karate, the latter being a hobby of mine for roughly a decade. Discipline and patience required for this has transpired to my everyday life, therefore, I started working as a waitress on my free time, thus learning crucial life skills, such as time and money management.

I hope to satisfy my hunger for computer science at your university, whilst improving as a well-rounded individual. I believe I will thrive in an academic environment, surrounded by people, who will enrich my journey in exploration of the technology world and ultimately find my place in it - either as a valuable member of a group or the leader of a successful establishment.

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University of Southampton (Got an offer)
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University of Edinburgh (Got waitlisted)
University of Surrey (Got an offer)


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