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I have acquired a keen interest in computing over a prolonged amount of time. This has been further enhanced since I began studying ICT at GCSE level and onwards to A-Level. In addition this has maintained my long term interest in all computer related areas. From my studies, and self teaching, I already have a depth of knowledge about many of the key areas of programming and the principles behind the working and implementation of web based design. I feel that ICT is becoming incredibly important throughout our daily lives and I am thrilled by the fact that I could be right at the centre of the next exciting chapter of the computing generation. My ambition is to study this type of course at a degree level incorporating a management perspective and progress this further to make it my profession. I will strive in all areas to develop my talents and capabilities fully.

As regards work experience, I spent three days working at my local Argos store. During these days I worked very closely with the management team, and did a lot of beneficial work with their computer systems. I was given jobs that included creating payroll systems for the employees, arranging a working schedule for the coming weeks and helping with the creation of price tickets and labels. I was committed to all tasks which were given to me as I was keen to create a good impression, show my capabilities and set a high acceptable standard. These few days helped broaden my knowledge of a computing environment and also allowed me to apply my skills in a business/retail industry.

My college experience this far has provided me with the skills needed to succeed at the highest level. This has been achieved through self motivation and independent studying; as a result I understand the impetus and diligence needed to cope with future academic and social lifestyles. Within college I feel that not only is academic achievement important, but getting involved with a society or club provides extended opportunities. I have been involved in the Air Training Corps and Football teams where I recognise good team work is a key factor if goals are to be accomplished, as well as broadening my problem solving skills.

Outside the classroom, I enjoy being sociable and active through the hobbies I am involved with. I also look forward to going on holidays in the summer months. Recently I travelled abroad and enjoyed the time I had away from my routine daily life. Whilst away, I learnt a lot about myself which helps teach me to use my own initiative. This proves to me that I have the right mentality and frame of mind to adapt to a new lifestyle of independence. My hobbies include attending my local gym regularly which I thoroughly enjoy as I can push myself to my own mental and physical limits. Furthermore I have been a senior member of my local YMCA where I have helped with the basic running of the club as well as guiding the younger children on participating in various kinds of activities.

As a sports person I play football for my local team. I am committed, focused and enjoy taking on leadership. I like to keep myself in a good physical condition so I can be prepared for any challenges that may come my way on and off the field. I hope to continue this interest at university and plan to take extensive use of the fitness facilities available to me. As well as being active I grasp the reality that the main reason for studying at university is to gain academic success and I do realise that a balance is needed between all factors.

In conclusion, at university I will look forward to all challenges and exciting new prospects with a high level of anticipation. As a person I am incredibly determined to be successful inside a career involving computing and management. Ultimately, I am increasingly adamant that this path will provide me with a broad range of exciting opportunities to pursue a long term passion and the beginnings of a successful career path.

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This personal statement was written by gstar for application in 2009.


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Very good statement one of

Very good statement one of the best ive seen for this subject, shown a vary in all the characteristics needed to succeed!

Dear goodness

Who would have thought a multinational company like Argos would not have an existing employee payroll system and would commission a 3 day work experience kid to write it... Bravo!! :P

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