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As a graduate student at South China University of Technology, I had received a particularly well-rounded education in Science, complemented by studies in the computer science. After four years' undergraduate study and research, I realize that computer science had become part of my life. Whenever I start up my computer and go online, I am always overwhelmed by the joy of experiencing the wonderful Internet world and the swift gaining of information. Whether in study or life, I have been used to “Google first before asking dumb questions”. Codes can change the world. Beside professional research, I also develop applications that are relating to my life. The first time I used my Smartphone, I had tried to create some daily software like Personal Financial Management, Calendar Management and Meal Booking Service to satisfy my personal demands.

Unconsciously, computer and its related applications have been deeply involved in and become an indispensable part of my daily life. Thus computer science that supports the whole process attracts me to explore
the mysteries behind. My zest in computer science owes much to my personality and work style. I like to organize things systematically and efficiently. In order to achieve this result, I would make every endeavor. To tell the truth, it was this pursuit that enabled me to successfully promote from a member of the Student Union to a department head, then to the chairman. In my first SRP(Student Research Project) project--- Research on Intrusion Detection System, I, as the project manager, found that not all the members were equally qualified and the project was very challenging. Unsurprisingly, the progress was hindered. After a
comprehensive analysis of the resources, I decided to divide the members into different groups. Members with stronger technical skills were responsible for major research and instructing others. The less difficult tasks were assigned to those average members. As to the really difficult tasks, we invited some seniors with related experience to help us. In the whole process, I maintained my leading role by setting good examples to my fellow members.

This arrangement successfully raised our team to a well-organized one and maximized our work efficiency. Systematicness and efficiency are the two main focuses during my problem solving, which closely match the way computer science providing solutions. They are the main facilitators to my plan of studying computer science. Intelligent Question Answering System base on Chinese language knowledge, the project I joined in the second semester of my junior year, is my future research area. The research of “Intelligent Question Answering System” has been carried out by scholars around the world for some time, and the results are fruitful. Yet, the research of Chinese knowledge base is very limited.

Therefore, we had to do our research based on the existing resources. With our continuous effort, we finally achieved a fairly comprehensive thesaurus. We spent much time and energy on semantics analysis since Chinese semantics is much more complex than that of English. In choosing the similarity threshold value, we had to debug again and again to find the comparatively satisfactory one. Meanwhile, we encountered many difficulties in completing the module of web text extraction. Heritrix is a powerful open source crawler, but it could not well satisfy our needs in the project.

Therefore, we had to modify it to meet the demand of the project---to search with the specific keywords. The research process was really tough, but it had equipped me with the knowledge and skills of semantics and data mining, and clarified my future research direction. It also exposed to me the insufficiency of Chinese research resources in semantics of artificial intelligence and data mining, and therefore intensified my determination to further study in America, the leading country on computer science. In my future study, I will focus on data mining and obtain a wide range of computer science-related knowledge to enhance my knowledge system. With a sound knowledge base, I hope to improve my research ability through professional research practices and try to solve the urgent problems in the field of computer. Information Retrieval will be the emphasis on my research of data mining. In searching for the information of the Ms in Computer Science program of University of Southern California, I learned that your school has excellent education conditions and a strong faculty group. I long for the education in your school, for I believe, it will pave my way to success.

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