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I first studied Computer Science at GCSE, and it is here where my love for the subject began with programming in particular. Learning Python opened my mind to all the endless possibilities programming has to offer and I spent a large majority of my spare time trying to solve all different kinds of problems using code. Be it making a text-based adventure or a snake clone, I found that there is no better feeling than finally getting a working solution to a problem or finally overcoming an error that has been troubling me for some time. The amount of satisfaction, to me, is incomparable to anything and it's what ignites my passion for programming and Computer Science as a whole.

At college I study Computing, Maths and French, which all display my self-motivation as well as aptitude for further study. Like Computing, Maths requires a logical approach to problems. However, up until recently apart from this and basic arithmetic, I was slightly unaware to what extent Maths could apply to Computing. So, to get a deeper insight, I chose to read "Mathematics in Computing" by Gerard O'Regan which shows some of the most essential maths concepts used in Computing. It is here that I discovered something called Matrix Theory which I found can be used in Graphics Programming to calculate transformations on vertices.

The idea of being able to perform calculations in order to render graphics from complete scratch really excited me so I explored it further by learning the graphics library OpenGL and C++. Because of this, I was able to develop my own simple rendering engine that can simulate lighting onto 3D objects. This was one of the most interesting and challenging things that I have worked on whilst programming and I would really enjoy exploring this area further at university. I also thoroughly enjoy A level French and have loved learning new languages throughout school, learning German in my spare time which I was able to get a GCSE out of.

Taking French at A-level shows my unwillingness to let go of my interests just to fit a mould and I am excited about the possibilities of linking my two passions in the future with possibly an international career.

While Computing and French may not seem like a traditional combination, technology continues to affect all cultures and learning languages has allowed me to develop my understanding of this in a deeper way. During lesson, I have been able to explore some of the ethical issues
that technology has brought up like the Digital Divide for example. Through French, I have also gained an interest in the literary works of Camus, such as L'étranger and La Peste, finding great fascination in his philosophy of absurdism. I love challenging myself by reading a book in a completely foreign language and even though I may not understand every single word first time, I have the perseverance to complete it. Playing the guitar for 7 years, I currently play in a band where we practice often. Not only is this a social outlet for me, but it also helps to develop my teamwork skills and attention to detail.

Along with this, I regularly participate in game making hackathons with friends which makes me have to be able to manage my time effectively. After submitting a game to one of these jams, somebody loved it so much that they wrote an article about it, describing it as a "surprising
little gem." The idea that somebody I didn't know could get enjoyment out of something that I had programmed enough to want to share it with others made me extremely proud and has continued to inspire me in all my projects after this.

My ability to motivate myself as well as pick things up easily makes me a perfect candidate for university study. I am looking forward to being around like-minded people and benefiting from the excellent teaching that university can offer. Exploring my interests deeper and
finding ways in which they link is something which I strive towards.

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I left this until last minute and had to rush it. It was a little bit hard because I was applying for 2 Computing/French courses and 3 normal Computer Science courses, meaning I had to tailor to both.


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