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I wish to develop my 3D creation skills at an advanced level to be able to depict intricate narratives accompanied by beautiful visuals. I perceive stories as a unique way to explore the complexity of the relationships we hold between people, and as means to convey universal messages across different cultures. Animation functions as the vessel that allows me to inspire others positively by crafting tales that guide the younger generation through storytelling filled with meaning, lessons and art.

Since my earliest years watching Saturday morning cartoons, I have held the vague dream of becoming an animator and contributing to the craft. After having gone in depth with 3D the past year and a half however, my initial aspirations have been solidified even more. I have been more focused than ever before and have thus worked long hours on school projects to see my ideas perfected. When not doing schoolwork, I like to experiment with new software and research different avenues of 3D through fora and YouTube.

I am also actively working towards gaining a better understanding of the industry by listening to relevant podcasts and attending conferences such as the Move Summit in Edinburgh. Finally, I have found interest in both the artistic and technical aspects of the craft, hence my projects spanning from sculpting to fluid simulations.

In college I gained valuable organisational skills alongside teamwork and leadership experience which I believe will be vital during collaborative work at university. A significant challenge of first year was having to move home during lockdown whilst starting my graded unit. But it also taught me to structure my time wisely. I refined my personal time scheduling by creating a strict work timetable and Gantt chart for me to visualise and allocate my time efficiently.

My creative thinking process matured as I researched my chosen topic which entailed reading articles and books online and analysing related films back to the 1930’s. Film analysis was crucial for my understanding of how my sources of inspiration effectively weaved their narratives together. I fell in love with filmmaking through this and was proud to realise my vision from storyboard to animation. This was a pivotal moment as I realised how one can effectively blend hobbies and passions into rewarding work which is both meaningful and productive.

From a young age I have had to take on responsibilities with the utmost dedication and care often learnt by working two jobs alongside volunteer work during my time at school. I have a strong work ethic and well-developed communication skills which accompanies my fluency in Brazilian Portuguese.

After academy I took a gap year to see the world. During this I continued to work in order to fund the travels and the PC that I was building in preparation for college. It was my first time building a PC and I spent 3 months saving and researching how to do so. Throughout this process I found new appreciation for education and began online learning through various Masterclasses and YouTube series.

I love open world video games that offer a rich atmosphere whether it is in space or the old west. The ability to tell a story through authentic landscape inspires me to find and create my own story with what is around me. I come from a small village. In my spare time I am found riding my bike with a camera in my hand - composing my own scenes within nature. Capturing real life on manual setting has helped my understanding of the technical aspects of photography in turn assisting my 3D work.

My dream is to have the facilities and knowledge required to depict the ideas in my head. I hope to teach young audiences about different cultures and customs. From university I hope to go on to work in the film industry. I am aware that the skills needed from me creatively and academically are demanding but through my passion, ambition and hard work I believe it is something I could succeed at, given the opportunity.

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reading others personal statements helped so much with writing at mine. hopefully this can help someone in a similar position i was in. it wasn't easy, i felt i was going to my desk and bleeding all over my keyboard but it is what it is. power to the people


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