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The evolution of computers and in particular, the Internetwork, has always intrigued me with fascination and curiosity. As an enthusiast in understanding how computer systems function, it is something I have always had a passion for from an early age.

This passion has encouraged me to apply for the Computer Network degree, as the modular structure shown on various university prospectuses for the subject attracted me towards the prospect of becoming a skilled networking professional as a defied career path.

Some of the units I have covered in my Extended Diploma will help me with the subject I am applying to study for. For example, the website production unit has given me a better understanding of how communication is made between computers over the Internet using protocol suites, whilst the computer systems unit provided me with an insight on the primary components of a computer.

The diploma also covers a unit in computer networks, which I have found to be the most enjoyable and challenging unit yet, as it involves connecting computers together, implementing security enforcements on existing network systems and understanding the different types of networks available.

Through the completion of assignments, I have significantly developed on my analytical and researching skills as a result of the challenges imposed by each assignment.

With my current achievements and employment history, I believe I have the relevant skills needed to be a suitable candidate for the course. ***********, an Internet business set up by myself and my family, was created with the intention to help provide the community with a free classified ads listing service.

My role in the business involves regularly updating the site with new ad listings and using social media to upload promotional posts such as; blogs, endorsement banners and posters which are created using Photoshop.

This experience has provided me with a valuable opportunity to develop on my writing skills, which will help me at university when completing assignments. In addition to this, I am continuously developing on my programming and website development skills, as my coding knowledge is being put into practice when I am modifying the website's features and content.

Over the last year, I have occupied the position of a voluntary teacher at the local mosque (******), educating the community with etiquettes on how to read the Qur'an by conducting classes every weekend.

This involved delivering lessons to students within the six to fifteen age ranges. I was required to plan each lesson beforehand, producing worksheets and presentations to accompany the lesson so that I am able to deliver each lesson effectively. The experience has helped me develop on my interpersonal skills significantly, as it has made me a more confident individual who is able to convey information in a concise manner.

This will help when required to participate in group projects at university, as I am confident in my ability to co-operate efficiently within a group, especially within a given time frame. Participation within voluntary work expanded my ability to efficiently manage my time, as I was required to balance my time between academic work and voluntary work.

In my free time, I enjoy working out at the gym to help re-energise my mind and body; by doing this, I am able to continue with determination in everything I do. I also utilise a lot of my free time through watching tutorials on the Internet that demonstrate how to make basic computer games. This has helped strengthen my programming skills, which I require when completing programming assignments at college.

University is the initial learning curve that will prepare me for employment. In return, I hope to be an asset to the university by striving to continue working hard as an independent learner, and to achieve the qualifications and skills needed to be successful in the field of computer networking.

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I haven't seen many computer network personal statements on the internet, so I thought I'd upload mine to help those who will be applying for this subject next year.

I managed to get it right on the fourth draft - believe me, no-one gets it right first time round. My first attempt was disastrous but it gave me a basis on what I needed to cut out and what I needed to put in. Don't be disheartened if you receive a lot of feedback on your first draft, it happens to everyone.

If you're talking about skills in your statement, try and include relevant skills that will prove to be useful for the course you intend to read at university.

Before I submitted it on UCAS, a woman who represented the MMU (which is my firm choice) admissions team came in to check the UCAS statements. She said mine couldn't be faulted, aha, so there you go. The universities I applied for:
- Manchester Metropolitan University (Conditional Offer made, I put this down as my firm choice)
- University of Salford (Conditional Offer made, I put this down as my insurance choice)
- Sheffield Hallam University (Conditional Offer made)
- Birmingham City University (Conditional Offer made)
- University of Central Lancashire (Conditional Offer made)

Hope it helps :)

(NB - instead of naming the institutions I have worked for, I have used stars instead)


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