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I have developed a keen interest in computers since an early age, and have been fascinated by how they work, as well as the advances in technology. Computing is by no means a mature market and is ever-evolving. I would like to gain a broad academic insight and build a career in an advancing industry that would stimulate and interest me

From my four A-Levels, I have learnt many aspects of computing. Design and Technology teaches me the hardware aspect of computing, with Maths being a major influence for the software part, IT and computing shows how the two, together as systems can be used to enhance businesses

Design & Technology also introduces diversity to the subjects I'm learning, as it teaches a practical and social, approach to designing in society. Work experience at Sound Craft taught me many attributes needed to be successful at your work. It made me aware of the difficulties and pressures of a job but also to enjoy your job by working with others

In my first week, I shadowed the IT department learning how they handled problems in different departments. I found that I was able to assist in many of the duties and as a result, was given further challenging responsibilities.

I also found that I was confident in communicating with and building relationships at all levels of the business, from customers through to Senior Directors in a professional and friendly manner. My experience was largely in the Testing Department, which involved working with programming, an area I found to be very enjoyable

Throughout my AS and A-Levels, I have learnt most importantly to organise and prioritise my work, planning ahead efficiently. Having been a member of several key sports teams and captaining house and school teams I have developed key skills including working successfully in a team with varying responsibilities, motivation, commitment and leadership

With the experiences of being a Senior member of my school house, football teams and hockey teams, I made regular contact with younger pupils and offered advice and support whenever I could

I am keen to gain a depth in knowledge of my native culture, and for the last eight years I have been learning The Miruthangam; a South Indian classical percussion instrument. I have recently completed my 'Graduation Concert' on the 6th September 2003 at The Ilford Town Hall.

This concert was a culmination of many years of hard work and dedication to this art form, and over these years I have come to understand more of the complexities of 'Karnatic' music and its ancient history, as well as learning the value of perseverance and patience. I now play in several religious and charity events as a soloist or accompanying several different artists

In summary, I possess a strong desire and determination to pursue and succeed in a career in computing. As my studies and work experience have confirmed to date, I greatly enjoy working with all aspects of computers. I am also interested in constantly evolving ideas and developments in computing.

It is my intention to carry on with my music and sports and other societies at university level, in complementing my studies.

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