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Computer Science has always been one of the biggest influences in my life, due to the
ever-increasing presence it has within modern culture. The rate at which computer systems are
advancing is fascinating to me, especially with the development of structures such as
Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Cyber Security. Building on this, I have always been an
avid follower of computer games and the storytelling / gameplay techniques that developers use
to immerse players within their vast virtual worlds. I am eager to further my knowledge in the
subject at university.
Studying a variety of online tutorials for Game Maker Studio was a large factor for my current
interest in the technological design of computer games. Using Game Maker, I was able to create
a few small tech demos for different genres, including RPGs and Puzzle games. After sharing
these demos with my family and friends, I would gather feedback and refactor my code with the
purpose of improving gameplay elements and optimisation.
In an effort to develop my knowledge, I have recently taken Harvard's online course,
'Introduction to Game Development', which looks at the development of different styles of
games, using Object-Oriented frameworks. It has been extremely interesting to learn about the
techniques used to create games, such as axis-aligned bounding box collision, and the most
basic aspects of a game, like game states and frames.

Researching the socioeconomic and moral issues faced within the modern games industry is
something I find particularly engaging, an example of which being the dilemma of free-to-play
games and micro-transactions. Increasingly many developers are attempting to appeal to a wider
audience by releasing their games without an initial price tag, but with smaller purchases
within the games themselves for added gameplay content or cosmetics. Depending on how the
developer handles this kind of system, it can either become a selling point of the game or
lead to great backlash from the game's community.
An instance of this done correctly, I feel, is the Action RPG Warframe, developed by Digital
Extremes. Many players praise Warframe for allowing them to trade the in-game premium currency
with other players for a variety of items. This system promotes a pseudo-economy within the
player-base, and allows players to access all of the game's content without spending money.
In my free time, I regularly advance my programming skills using VSCode and various languages
to develop my own systems designed to either solve a problem or entertain, which has led me to
become proficient with the Python and JavaScript programming languages. My A-level Computer
Science project has given me a valuable insight into software development methodologies and
the process of analysing feedback from end users. For this project, I have created a
database-backed Internet bot that runs commands over chat clients.
I believe my studies in Computer Science and Maths at A-Level have really helped me to build
upon my knowledge and skills within the former subject. Learning about the theory behind
concepts such as the Stored-Program Concept, Von Neumann Architecture, and Object-Oriented
programming has reinforced and increased my desire to pursue a career in the industry.
Mathematics is at the core of every computer and is used when defining the building blocks
that make up even the most basic systems. Studying Maths at A-Level has complemented my
schooling in Computer Science for this reason, and it has led me to advance my skills in
problem solving, abstraction, and efficiency.
In conclusion, I am determined to study Computer Games Technology / Programming at degree
level, and am certain that it will help me to achieve my goals and future aspirations. I fully
intend to take advantage of all opportunities that university will offer, so I can build a
successful career in the games industry.

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