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I have been intrigued by the study of computer science for the entirety of my adolescence. The decision to study A levels in physics, IT and maths arose from my passion, as well as natural aptitude for the subjects. This was demonstrated by the perfect grades I received for these subjects in June 2018.

My interest in computers first began when my father introduced me to the concept of cyber security, and as time passed, the more I learnt, my fascination with the subject would only increase.

My aspiration of someday becoming a certified specialist in the field of cyber security has become the driving force behind many of my actions and choices in the last few years.

Understanding that I would need practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge to truly be proficient, I spent two and a half months working as a system administrator's assistant at Royal Forex Ltd., learning about networks and hardware. In addition, I have gained a valuable understanding of the inner works of large-scale international companies, and ultimately confirmed that I wanted to go into computer science.

I am familiar with C++, which I have learnt for programming, and grasped the general concept of ethical hacking, penetration testing, computer networking and social engineering.

I believe that for a student to be successful, he needs to be well coordinated, communicative, and when required, completely independent. I have gained valuable experience of working in a team, along with conducting individual research, through the projects I was assigned while studying A level computing. In turn, this experience allowed me to excel in many fields outside of computer science.

I was chairman of my school's student council for three years, and school representative in the Lithuanian Parliament and the Vilnius City Council. In June 2018, I was chosen to be the representative of the students of Lithuania during a meeting of the Ministers of Education of the Baltic States, as well as the moderator of the Oval Table discussion in the Ministry of Education.

Also, in my opinion, a good leader is one who can motivate others to become outstanding. To achieve this, the leader should have a passion for self-improvement and constantly work on expanding his own worldview. During the six-month project called "Peer Educators", I learnt how to become a better leader and strengthened my thirst for knowledge.

These skills helped me to improve as chairman and assisted me in my studies of mathematics and computing. During the three years I was chairman of my school's student council, we managed to abolish bullying in our school by inspiring peers to help each other when confronted with bullying, as well as getting the school's administration to implement noncompulsory therapy courses.

In addition to studying, sports have also been a crucial part of my life ever since I was a child. Nine years of gymnastics and seven years of ballroom dancing have developed a deep sense of discipline in me, and three years of Krav Maga (military self-defense system) molded my mentality to be more efficient resulting in quick and precise decision making.

My inclination to protect people both physically and psychologically plays a major role in my decision to study computer science.

My future aspirations after finishing my Bachelor's degree in computer science are to begin my in depth studies of cyber security, and ultimately start a business of my own.

I comprehend that I have only scratched the surface of this vast and fascinating subject, and this excites me. I look forward with great joy to the challenges that come with studying computer science.

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