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During the past 20 years, computing has changed dramatically which has always been a major interest of mine. The first computer I ever remember using were the old Acorn computers that were used in my primary school.

The idea of those being the average level of computers only 15 years ago is startling, as the average mobile phone now has more power than the entire Apollo space mission, which had millions of dollars worth of equipment.

My interest in computing is not only limited to computers themselves but many aspects of electronics such as biometrics, holographic technology and artificial intelligence.

My aspirations for the future involve Software Engineering and Robotics, as being able to take technology that one step further is the passion that I must explore. My choice to undertake a degree in Computer Science has been an easy, yet well thought out decision which I am confident will guide me towards my aspirations and broaden my computing knowledge significantly.

Within college I have been studying a BTEC National Diploma in IT practitioners. This course has been very educational for me, not just due to learning aspects of computing, but in developing a new, more structured, work ethic.

Over the past two years I have studied various units of computing including; Databases, System Security & Website Design, however, the subject that has captivated my interest is Human-Computer Interaction.

While studying HCI I have researched a vast quantity of computers and how humans interact with them I.e. Artificial intelligence, mobile technology & security devices. The impact of technologies such as these completely revolutionised our society.

It's due to these impacts that my aforementioned interest of future technology came into play, if the effect computers have had on society in the past 50 years changed so much, what will happen in another 50 years time? The possibilities seem to be limited by only our imagination.

This may sound like an exaggeration of the truth, however if you watch sci-fi films such as “The Minority Report” almost all of the technology that seems so far fetched (i.e. Advertising boards that read your walking patterns, body temperature and heart beat to choose the ideal product to advertise to you.), is actually being developed or is already possible.

It's the thrill of breaking down these technological barriers that motivates me to broaden my knowledge and to remain open to new ideas.

Whilst I attended school I chose a rather varied selection of GCSEs that included; Double Award Science, Drama and Applied Business alongside the ordinary compulsory subjects.

My selection of units helped my development branch out very effectively, I.e. Drama furthered my interest in performing arts and granted me more confidence in public speaking such as work presentations. Science, Mathematics and IT helped indulge my logical problem solving skills which I've enjoyed throughout my life, by joining in activities such as the Chess Club.

Applied business gave me an insight into how the 'real world' functions & granted me a work placement to acquire first hand knowledge.

I found this experience to be extremely helpful, putting the knowledge I had gained into practice within a work environment, which is one of the reasons why I wish to undertake work experience beside a Computer Science degree.

Finally English has always been a subject I've enjoyed & excelled in as I'm an avid book reader and enjoy fictional writing. One of the main reasons I enjoy fictional writing is because it's “limited by only our imagination” such as my technological interest.

After watching many Computer Science lectures online, I am convinced this is the degree for me and I'm enthusiastically awaiting taking my next step in Education.

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