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I first became interested in computing at the age of sixteen when I decided to enrol on a computer course at a local college, where I was taught computer systems and word processing. The course served to deepen my interest in computers and a few months later I decided to use all my savings in order to buy my own. This was a huge investment for a working class Brazilian teenager like me. Once I had my own computer, I was able to learn and improve my skills by using it for my everyday needs. Teaching myself algorithms and data structure opened my mind to how computers really work. I decided then to move on and learn a computer language. Pascal was the first language that I had contact with and in which I was able to write some simple input/output programs like text mode logic games and calculators. It was in Visual Basic that I started to write proper programs like personal finance organisers, calendars and birthday reminders, where the use of databases were necessary.

My views about computing have changed considerably since five years ago when I heard about Linux and decided to learn it. I installed Linux in my computer, in those days when simple tasks like installing and configuring it required a good knowledge of hardware; knowledge that I have acquired by reading a vast range of technical books and participating in forums through the Internet. Since then I have been using mostly Linux as an Operating System. I am able to write scripts in Shell Script Language to execute administrative configuration tasks like updating packages, making backups and configuring firewall. Linux has helped me to understand more about the interaction between Operating Systems and hardware, as well as crucial aspects of networking and security. The open source philosophy of Linux and its software has introduced me to a new concept of computing. Consequently, I have become a Linux enthusiast and my decision to study for a degree in computer science has been greatly strengthened.

Modern languages is another area that interests me very much. Portuguese is my native tongue and the idea of learning another language made me take a huge step forward in my life. I had been studying Italian for two years, in Brazil, when I decided to move to Italy to extend my knowledge of the language. The three years that I spent in Italy, not only made me a fluent Italian speaker but also gave me a valuable life experience.

Of course I realised that English would be essential for any future career and in 2003 I came to Brighton to study the language. The people, the mixture of cultures, pubs, clubs, restaurants, all these combined with its lively atmosphere were enough to make me settle in this city. I have been studying English since then and from a basic level I have progressed to being a competent user of the language.

I decided that I wanted to pursue a degree-level course in computing and so I enrolled on the Access course. The college did not offer any computer-related courses, therefore I have chosen the Business Studies pathway. By doing this course, I intend to gain confidence and improve my academic skills. I am also particularly interested in learning more about business because, in my opinion, it has a strong link to computing, especially in areas such as Software Development and Internet (E-Commerce).

I am currently working full time as a line leader operator in a Pharmaceutical company. It is a job where teamwork, organisation and intense concentration are essential. Despite the fact that working and studying occupies most of my time, I love reading. I also enjoy travelling, visiting new places, meeting people and trekking in the countryside.

I am really looking forward to the challenges that University life will bring me and I would welcome the opportunity to concentrate on the subject I am passionate about. I am also fully aware of its demands and challenges, but I am sure that my enthusiasm, maturity and strong determination will made me a successful student.

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