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I could tell you why am interested in computer science until the cows come home, but to give you the fundamentals I would so passionately tell you that this course is one of the few disciplines which truly embodies the days of tomorrow.

If I was to ask you, "What other field has a real impact and is changing the world so fast?" You would answer me with computer science. That amazes me, and it's why I chose it.

However for me to fully fall in love with the apple of my eye, I need to fully learn and comprehend the subject thus having to reach for the zenith of education: university.

For me computer science is learning how computers really work and the ways in which we can integrate them into life to better our standard of living, to accelerate the quest in curing cancer and to help us do what we do better in a more efficient and easier way.

For all these to happen one needs a solid understanding of for instance algorithms, which is a major part of computer science. Which is why am now undertaking my final A2 year of study in mathematics, IT and physics.

My enthusiasm for computer science stems from the fact that I always enjoyed the idea of making something and seeing it flourish, from simple things like building my own online gaming empire to more -what I consider- useful things like building websites (with a little bit of practice of course).

I enjoy software engineering to other areas of computer science i.e. Artificial intelligence. With computer science, I envision myself making an impact not only in the world of technology but also in the world of reality where 783 million people don't have access to clean water.

I know tackling that giant of a number is near to impossible for a one man team, but I do intend to contribute to the best of my ability. Studying A level Mathematics relates to my course because computers are systems that calculate and since calculations are concepts of all mathematics, I'd say I've hit the nail on the head.

I'm not the kind that only talks the talk but does walk the walk and for that reason I've been able to attend events that showcase my chosen area of studies for instance I was present at a lecture where we heard about how computers are used in the running of railways as well as attending an open day of the computer science department at De MontFort University.

I especially remember that because a question was posed to us by the lecturer and throughout his career I gave the best resolution.

I don't believe in killing time so when am not trying to build Rome in a day, my hobbies include playing computer games, reading the news about technology and doing some puzzles.

My unique, committed and serious nature to achieving should be the reason why this application should be accepted and it shouldn't be built just upon the humour you've witnessed whilst reading this statement.

I have such a strong desire to do well and your university would give me the opportunity to do just that, and unlike most candidates I'd build a door if opportunity doesn't knock!

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This personal statement was written by Warsame A for application in 2015.

Warsame A's university choices
University of Leicester
Loughborough University
The University of Nottingham
The University of Birmingham

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Red: no offer made

Warsame A's Comments

Had immense pressure by teachers to lie about having work experience to boost my UCAS application up to ''par'' . Sadly my integrity told me to write I felt inside.... Love for my course!


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Computer Science

this statement spells out true passion, though you haven't done a lot to back up your interest in CS.

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