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At college the various courses that I currently study are A2 Economics, AVCE ICT Double Award, and AS Chemistry.

In the previous year I studied AS Geography, however I decided that I did not wish to continue the course into the second year. My favourite subject that I am studying is ICT.

The ICT industry has been becoming more prominent and influential in the running of most businesses and corporations. A personal computer is being relied on more for domestic use as well.

Computers and their technology affect each and every one of us. So the demand for people with considerable ICT knowledge is ever growing.

The main reason that I find this course interesting is the knowledge that I gain in a large amount and variety of software. I have already used many applications, and I am able to use this software extensively.

The software that I have been practising includes Microsoft Excel, Microsoft FrontPage, Illuminatus Opus Pro, and Sage.

I am currently conducting coursework's on Microsoft Access and Visual Basic. I understand that a lot of these applications are used in businesses today.

I also enjoy looking at how ICT is applied in businesses. This is also part of the AVCE ICT course - it teaches you how businesses apply ICT and how it affects their company.

My enthusiasm for both ICT and businesses has led me to want to pursue a degree that involves the theme's Business and Information Systems. I hope this degree will aid me in a conceivable career in the information technology sector

For work experience, I worked as an assistant manager in Superdrug. At first, my responsibilities were on the shop floor where I stocked the shelves and helped customers.

I helped them with any difficulties such as finding a product, or assisting them. As the week progressed, I was given tasks such as ordering goods that needed to be re-supplied, doing picking lists etc. I had to work co-operatively in the stock room to find certain items, and to ensure that all the goods had been delivered that morning

When I was younger, I went weekly to Scouts. A lot of my friends attended scouts as well. I participated in charity walks for 2 years running. Here I had to walk continuously for 20 miles in order to raise money for charity.

It was good for me, as I felt that I was doing something productive for charity. I was proud of what I did. At Whitmore High School, I was part of my form's indoor football squad. I got the opportunity to play with my classmates in a school tournament

It was a great experience, as it involved communication and a lot of teamwork, and because of the fact that football is my favourite sport

I also attended weekly badminton sessions at high school, over the course of the final year. I looked forward to playing every week, as I was able to compete against my friends in an accessible, yet fun sport

I have been fortunate enough to travel to many destinations around the world on holiday. I have been to India, Florida, France and several Spanish islands over the last 11 years. Visiting such locations has broadened my perspective on life, and has made me aware of other people's lifestyles.

I really enjoy meeting a wide range of people and learning about different cultures and traditions. Out of the various locations that I have visited, I would say that the Spanish (and European) lifestyle is the one that I am most intrigued by.

This is because the cities are vibrant and the people are quite relaxed and laid back - but at the same time they have a great work ethic. If I have the opportunity to travel in my future career, I would like to be working somewhere in Western Europe

I am greatly looking forward to university life, as I will have the opportunity to meet new people, become more independent and further my life experience.

I believe that with my hardworking, enthusiastic and devoted attitude I will be very successful at completing my degree to the highest standard. In the future, I hope to use my degree to begin a successful career as an Economic Analyst.

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