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All my life, I have had a fascination and interest in computing and technology. I have always enjoyed keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in technology and have remained amazed at the speed of computerised developments over the past few years.

For as long as I can remember, I have been using computers at school and at home. When I connected my computer to the internet several years ago, I discovered another enthralling world for me to explore. Since then I have experimented with web design using HTML coding alongside web design packages.

My programming, information systems and data communications experiences in Higher computing and Advanced Higher Computing have since further convinced me that I would particularly enjoy studying computer science at degree level. At University I look forward to gaining a further, more advanced knowledge of these topics as well as learning about new, exciting subjects in addition

I have recently returned from a five week expedition from the south to the north coast of Australia. The expedition was organised through 'World Challenge' as part of their 'Team Challenge' programme. World Challenge pride themselves in giving young people 'education for life' through allowing themto plan, fundraise and organise for their own expedition.

As a team of fourteen pupils, we raised our own expedition fees by organising various successful events and trained for expedition life together as well as individually.

Whilst on expedition, we learned valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, responsibility of a budget, effective communication within the team and with those around us and most importantly, we learned how to be independent. The expedition was a valuable life experience for me which I will remember and cherish for a very long time

As a school prefect I hold several responsibilities such as helping with and organising school events, watching over and looking out for younger pupils and serving in the school tuck shop.

I also take part in the school 'buddy' system which involves mentoring several allocated first year pupils and helping them get used to secondary school. I am also involved in the school 'paired reading' program for first year pupils who struggle to keep up with their classmates in reading. Helping in first and second classrooms is also very rewarding

As chairperson of the school pupil council, I have the responsibility of listening to the pupils of the school, discussing their ideas with the rest of the pupil council, communicating these ideas with the senior management team and then putting the ideas into practice. The aim of the pupil council is to create the kind of school that the pupils want and will hopefully enjoy attending

Throughout the past view years; I have been involved in several voluntary activities. I used to volunteer several hours a week in a Barnardos charity shop in my local town.

This taught me skills in dealing with people, organisation and responsibility. This was before I started devoting my time to helping out at my local riding school. I have always had a passion for horses and riding, and this gave me the chance to put use my interests for something positive.

My experience at the riding school involved dealing with all kinds of personalities, working with children and working under pressure in order to finish the daily tasks in time. I eventually moved on to working as a part-time horse groom at the weekends.

I have since begun weekend work in a busy retail clothes shop. At the present time, I spend several hours a week volunteering in Campsie View School, a local primary and secondary school for children and young adults with learning disabilities. Working in the school is extremely enjoyable but also very rewarding and requires enthusiasm, patience and a lot of energy

As a sixth year pupil, I am very much looking forward to university life. I feel that I have a lot to offer to and gain from university. I very much enjoy to participate in groups and events and I feel this may be an asset for me throughout my time at university.

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love youuuuu xx

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