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Mathematics and Science, especially Physics, are courses I am most interested in among my school courses as they mould my logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. In order to fuse both my interest coherently, I choose to study computer, along with the minor of Mathematics, if possible, in my future.

Further Math in A-Level is quite challenging but interesting. I have learnt a lot of the principles of Math from it, especially the combination of the concept of vector and matrix which create something known as eigenvector. It is amazing since it could be applied in many areas. Face recognizing is just one of the many examples of its application in computer. With the combination of Math and computer, I believe we could explore the unexplored for the good mankind.

Physics in A-Level, on the other hand, guides me on the exploration of how computer works at the lowest level. From the stage of input to process, up to the output level, it involves the transference of electrons in a seamlessly logical way, to represent the data transferred. I believe that knowing how computer works could help me create a program to control the computer in a better way.

I started self-studying some basics of computer languages such as C++ and VB when I was 13. I find it interesting and quite easy to understand and I believe my strong foundation in Math helped me. During the course of self-studying, I have learnt some simple algorithms such as Euclid algorithm which helped me create my first program, fractional calculator.

My keen interest has driven me to learn more beyond what I have learnt. I learnt many kinds of computer languages during that period, and I can program from file-based to database, from windows-based to web-based and from classes to web services. The most successful computer language I learnt is PHP. In year 11, I took and passed a computer certification exam, The Zend PHP Certified Engineer, and become the first and the youngest ZCE in my country.

Besides learning, I apply my knowledge in real life. In year 8 I created an intelligent calculator for my teacher to calculate her students' average marks, using the fastest input method, without the use of mouse or pressing unnecessary buttons. In year 11, I did forum migration by analyzing database structure with the automation written in PHP. In the same year, I helped my club create an automation program for automatic insertion of photos into the e-shopping system, thus saving time and cost. To gain more experience, I have joined a team of people to create a video social web site, in which my position was the back-end logic programmer. Unfortunately, the project has been stopped due to financial difficulties. Nevertheless, this project has given me a strong evidence of what significance teamwork holds and has taught me how tasks can be done quickly and efficiently.

Besides technical skills, I also learn art such as photography. I joined the Photography Club during high school. Equipped with my digital SLR camera, I have learnt many things such as macro and sports photography. In this acquaintance, a team of members including myself were selected to photograph important events of the school. In these events, I gained many experience on how to take quick but correctly-exposed photographs. Such effort to thrive for photography perfection still remains one of my qualities till present. Having leaving high school and A-Level taking up a great deal of my time, I still manage to spare some time to help my club.

At university, I hope to learn something more challenging such as complex algorithm which I have not formally learnt yet. Despite still being unsure of the path I will take after graduating, I know that having a Computer degree, preferably with Math if possible, will provide me with many transferable skills essential for embracing future challenges. Who knows if I will set up a computer company or conduct scientific numerical research in the future?

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they'll never give you a offer with this statement..your too proud of your is not a good attitude.

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