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I am pursuing computer science because I have been fascinated by technologies in general and computers in particular from the beginning.

I occupy a great hunger for understanding and learning new skills and inspired by the subjects complexity and beauty. I also enjoy mathematics as it provides me with problems solving skills mainly calculus, trigonometry and its identity which for me is the peak in mathematics.

In my opinion every question has an open solution; we just need to construct the ways of attaining it.

Currently in college, I have been introduced to programming and on other event I have done programming during my spare time. I have program in Visual Basic at college and games programming, my knowledge has developed by reading "Learning to use Visual Basic" by Abe Holmes, I have discovered many enjoyable but challenging programming concepts.

Another way my skills have developed within in last five months I've used the knowledge that that I've gained over the past five years together with the help of my family to set up my own computer related business.

Throughout the five years I have learnt many things; these include how to balance tasks effectively, how vital teamwork can be and how to assign tasks to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

In addition to computer science curriculum, I have always been fascinated in the open source movement, taking part in the testing of new software an attending events dealing with technological advancement. I like playing video games and participating in adventurous activities like mountain climbing as I have been to Wales.

On numerous occasions I like to get away from the urban city to enjoy the beauty, calmness and silence of the world I am highly interested by the theory of concurrency and quantum, advances in artificial intelligence and open problems in computer science which I would like to pursue after graduation.

I feel sincerely that my craving for computer science has not yet been rewarded and this course will meet my desire, going to university could help me achieve my life goals and broaden my knowledge vastly.

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please leave ur comments ? thanks i know ive got some spell error mistakes but they have all been sorted out

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